By Anita Hoge

“Is this country at a tipping point? How do you transform our Republic?” Anita discusses four main issues in her article:

• Governance—removing locally elected school officials;
• Funding—ushering in federal choice and vouchers under the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) which will change our system of taxing and financing schools to one where the funding will follow the child (this is also a means to control private schools and expand charter schools);
• Charter schools—replacing your local neighborhood school with a zealous for-profit agenda so that there will no longer be parent or voter input, or elected school boards, specifically with an aim to kill public education.
• Common Core Standards—ushering in a system of individualized, psychotherapeutic learning; the standardization of teaching, testing, and technology in all 50 states; nationalizing education ; and changing traditional education based on academics to a workforce training model.

“The combination of all four points above puts this scenario together. It demonstrates that this is the plan for the destruction of our country.”

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Source: News With Views

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  1. Hi!

    Pay strict attention to what this woman is saying about the loss of “local control” pertaining to education.

    At least some people are “shouting” from the rooftops about this.

    Too bad that someone didn’t “shout” from the rooftops when the “original” State of Maine was converted from a republic to a codified (roman civil law – elitists and scholars – as opposed to common law – the people’s law) state by the 1875 fraudulent resolve that went into effect in 1876, one (1) hundred years AFTER the American revolution.

    By 1976 the Governor’s Council was eliminated which was two (2) hundred years AFTER the American revolution.

    This is NO accident.

    Over time the people here in Maine lost their county courts, within and for the county (local control) with commissioned judges, who were required to uphold the people’s constitutional “secured” rights.

    Who was “shouting” from the rooftops about this?

    Nowadays we have state-wide courts with non-commissioned judges (mere employees) acting “for the state” and enforcing the “will” of the state as opposed to enforcing the “will” of the people as a whole.

    Who was “shouting” from the rooftops then?

    Was anyone doing it?

    I am “shouting” NOW from the “rooftops” and exposing this fraud and treason. I have spent over 6 and 1/2 years investigating this matter, and it looks ugly. Very, very ugly.

    My book will expose this but there were some issues that I could not deal with due to having a book that would have thousands of pages instead of just hundreds.

    I had to keep it simple as much as possible.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  2. Lise, you’ve done a great job! Perhaps a second edition to your book?

    People should be “shouting from the rooftops” on many issues, including our “reps”. Their unresponsiveness to fraud upon the taxpayers reveals where they stand….where their bread is buttered.

    Gov. LePage is clamping down on welfare fraud, but it’s the little guy in the limelight. Evidence reveals fraud within HUD and Medicaid too.
    Why aren’t businessmen investigated?

    The frauds extend in all branches of the government. It will continue until selective investigations (and prosecutions) cease! When will our elected officials get it?…Or grow a backbone!

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