Three Police Officers In Seabrook, N.H Suspended After Video Shows Abuse

Foster Daily News reports “Three police officers in Seabrook, N.H suspended after video surfaced showing an officer slamming a suspect into a wall at the police station.”

Read more and view video HERE.

Can anyone identify the “jovial” officers?

Will they get away with this like the Farmington P.D. (now former) Chief Scott Roberge and officers (now former) Scott Ferguson and Kevin Willey (current chief of police)?

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  1. Hi!

    The fourth officer should have also been suspended. He walked into the hall after the incident occurred and did NOTHING so he is just as guilty as the other three officers.

    Why wasn’t he punished, too?

    Doing NOTHING is disgusting.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • The NH A.G. is now involved. Let’s see if they cover this up like they did for the Farmington Police Dept. But this cover up is far from over.

  2. Why did they bring him down the hall in the first place. After being maliciously attacked they took him back the way they came and and then out the door. He did nothing to provoke this puke of a cop, Got maced and laughed at while lying on the floor dazed and stunned from having his head bashed against the wall for no reason. Looks like an assault charge to me.

    • This guy is lucky he’s alive….not so with the Farmington Police Dept….far from over!

  3. Hi!

    One of the local television channels (WGME) here in Maine aired this story last evening and identified the name of the officers. They are now on paid suspension leave, and the Attorney General of New Hampshire is now investigating a possible crime.

    This is what happens when “exposure” takes place; the higher ups get involved.

    The town council along with the Chief of Police also commented on the incident on television because they were “embarrassed” that this video is NOW out in the public. The council and the Chief have asked the public to “trust them” stating that this is not the norm.

    Horse manure!

    They got caught so, therefore, they were “forced” to say something about it.

    The amazing thing is that this violent incident was recorded into the police records but AGAIN NOTHING was done, and this crime took place in 2009.

    This young man was smart to place the video into the public domain and that is when things begin to happen.

    I hope he sues the police department and wins.

    Folks, the name of the game is EXPOSURE.

    The public needs to keep this story into the headlines and continue to put pressure on the Attorney General.

    If this story is shoved under the carpet, then it is JUST another story.

    No matter what this young man has done or not, he STILL deserves due process of law just like everyone else. If he doesn’t have any rights, then guess what?

    We don’t have any either if we get falsely accuses of something, happen to be “targeted” by the military police or if we did commit a crime.

    It is all about due process of law. Without it you are toast.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • N.H. A.G. (now former) Kelly Ayotte and current A.G. Foster didn’t do anything about the Farmington P.D. Guess I’ll post the Farmington Selectmen’s meeting on this issue….they covered up for their police chief Scott Roberge and his officers.

  4. Hi!

    Wgme reported on the evening news that the FBI is now involved in the investigation.

    Maybe these criminals will now be indicted and hopefully sent to jail.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • They’ve got to get in on Farmington NH too!

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