Walter Burien, Government Money Expert, Reveals Where The Hidden Government Money Is

Courtesy of William Wagener

Trillions Hidden – Walter Burien # 1 (8:15)
Walter Burien elaborates on the Trillions of Dollars held by…
at the Freedom Law School & Health Conference, to “Take Back America”
View Video, click here.

Trillions #2 by Walter Burien (8:00)
Walter Burien tells us WHERE the MONEY [hidden by Government] IS.
View Video, click here.

Trillions Hidden by Gov. #3 (9:52)
Walter BURIEN, a Government Money EXPERT… leads you to the hidden Government money. Explains difference between BUDGET $ & Financial Report $$$ & why they don’t add up… while Government taxes you out of home and family.
View video, click here.

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  1. Yet to see these 8:15, 8:00 + 9:52-minute videos seen 5,060, 2,170 and 1,232 times each; of Walter Burien, of I’ve heard of this before of The CAFR Reports of the states, or should I say States with a capital letter “S” for the government officers (elected) and employees, of there is more than enough $money already banked for the operation of gov’t AND their retirements forever, and so WHY doesn’t anybody ever add this into their case of when the city or town (as N.H. Article 28-A political sub-divisions of the State here in New Hampshire as an example in our Constitution ), of WHY hasn’t anybody ever relied on this evidence and N.H. Article 38 in that the government is supposed to operate on “frugality” of what is “need”ed and so them not needing this of for us Article 12 inhabitants to: “Just say no” to the payment of property taxes by us of to get it out of the CAFR account. cc: to two individuals here in N.H. who have a case on this at The BTLA Board of Tax & Land Appeals, of who can put this into their case. Of to get back to you in Spring 2014 after their mediation meetings.

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