Laws Pertaining To The Seal Of The State Of Maine

Courtesy of Lise from Maine.

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  1. Thanks Lise and Dotti,

    Of in a search for: 1875 Legislature Maine AT bing

    I found:

    And for: Article X Section 4 Maine Constitution = but notihng about Codes; plus of interest to me is that:
    “in favor” phrase of to compare in “in rigor juris” as by the strictness of law,
    so my guess is that a favor turns into the law when voted upon, of placed within
    the constitution, not as a Code by statute of you’re right that the latter are inferior
    as in N.H. here we haven Article 5 in Part 2 at:
    of: ” so as the same be not repugnant or contrary to this constitution, ” reference the
    statutes, and court rules by Art. 73-a of referring to that
    of the minor law so-called of the statutes, so how can there be RSA Ch. 490 and Superior Court Rule 201, etc.
    for filing fees when the constitution reads in Article 14 to be “free”? See what I’ve already written by the copy & paste here of:

    ” Superior Court Rule 201 Fees Rule 201 (III) (a) (1) $225 + IV surcharge of (B) $25 by RSA Ch. 490:26-a,II ” . . . a $25 surcharge shall be added to each civil filing fee for all courts. This surcharge shall be deposited in the general fund. ” Of the statute ought NOT to read that a surcharge “shall” be added to each filling fee, but that of a twenty five dollar sur-charge “may” be requested and IF paid by voluntary contribution, of THEN it “shall” be promptly deposited into the general fund. “

  2. Hi!

    I recently sent a Freedom of Access request (Title 1, MRS, Chapter 13, Section 408-A) to Secretary of State Dunlap asking for an “embossing” seal of the State of Maine.

    Did I get one?


    Am I surprised?


    What does one “expect” from a fraudulent officer who represents a fraudulent state that was created in 1876 (see the resolve of 1875)?

    More fraud, of course.

    You saw that right.

    It’s 1876; one hundred years AFTER the American Revolution. Is this a coincidence?


    It’s all pre-planned, of course, the destruction that is.

    Instead I received a “souvenir” card with a ” seal” on it which is actually a “sticker” that I can peel off if I choose to do so.

    The law of the seal says “impression” and not a sticker.

    Enjoy the laws of the seal that I sent to Dottie to place on this blog.

    Thank you!

  3. I wonder how smart or “slick” Secretary Dunlap (and past secretaries of state) thinks he is. He’s pulled the wool over peoples’ eyes, but apparently not ours. He’s covered up violations of the law since he’s been in that position. A little while back I had an appointment with him. I produced documentation/evidence that demanded investigation. He’s not only violating their own statutes, but the common law as well.

    Within minutes upon leaving his office, the person I was with returned to the office to ask Dunlap a question. He was on the phone and, per this person, she overheard him say that I “was just in the office.” Who was he speaking with? Gov. Baldacci?

    Unless, and until, there is accountability and oversight of state agencies, including constitutional officers, this is what can we expect from Augusta!


  4. Proclamation to
    The Kennebec County Grand Jury

    – and –
    URGENT NOTICE TO The Citizens of Maine
    That Your Public Officials Act as Domestic Enemies!

    See the entire Notice (Political ad) in the printed Kennebec Journal or the Waterville Morning Sentinel – October 11th, Section A, page 3.

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