Maine Lobbyists Get Public Pensions!

“Hundreds of lobbyists in at least 20 states, including Maine, get public pensions because they represent associations of counties, cities and school boards.

Legislatures granted them access decades ago on the premise that they serve governments and the public. In many cases, such access also includes state health care benefits.

Groups argue that they are entitled to public pensions because they give a voice to government entities that serve taxpayers.”

Read more, click here.

One commentator has hit the nail on the head…”Entitled”? “Doesn’t this also make them Accountable, Responsible and “LIABLE” for actions of the Government that they’ve influenced?”

List of Maine Lobbyists, click here.

Where are the pensions we are entitled to?

Why the cover up with Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.?

Legislators are in position to serve “we the people” and be our voice. They have created “agencies/departments” to protect the consumer. Where is protection at the Bureau of Insurance? The Department of Professional and Financial Regulation?The list goes on!  Where is our voice?

These agencies/departments are just another layer of the corrupt onion!

Have you had enough yet?

When people realize and finally see the connection of the dots to various officials/agencies/departments….you might eventually understand the scams/schemes perpetrated against the people of this state of Maine. Sufficient documented evidence has been posted on this blog.






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  1. Well stated.
    Ain’t Amerika grand?
    And if even most of us had been watching the store as instructed by the Founding Fathers we wouldn’t be in this mess. But for every one like you and I there are a million, mindless, apathetic sheep, which enable the establishment and continuation of the corruption, til the whole mess just implodes.
    The likes of you and I are wildly outnumbered and the scumbags know it.

    • I’m sick of “taking it” for the ones “not watching the store.”

  2. how long have some of us been singing this song and been regarded as either a nut case, conspiracy nut, or trouble maker?

  3. Hi!

    I shudder to think “when” I was uninformed way back when.

    Most people are, indeed, uninformed UNTIL they want or need something especially as they relate to the courts.

    Most people today still believe that these “fake” courts here in Maine are genuine, constitutional (original) courts and genuine, constitutional (original), commissioned judges (they really don’t know about the requirement of a commission).

    It is ONLY when they enter them do they find out the corruption and are left without any strategies in order to deal with these “fake” judges who do not administer justice. This is where they lose their homes, money, liberty, etc.

    I am hoping that my upcoming book will educate some of them.

    My sole purpose of the book is to educate the populace (I hesitated to do this for years but finally relented last December when I entered into a contract with a publishing company) as much as possible; I doubt that I will make any money on it since it has cost me thousands of dollars (fake dollars – federal reserve notes – debt instruments) already preparing to get it out.

    It should be published by the end of the year.

    I have so much evidence to prove so much fraud that I have to decide what to place in the book and what to leave out. It should be no more than about 250 to 300 pages, and it will have plenty of exhibits (actual laws and more).

    Hopefully I stick to that or the publishing company may force me to leave more out.

    All for now.

    Lise from Maine

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