AROOSTOOK WATCHMEN – Talkshoe Episode 1276

08/10/2013 08:00 AM EDT 59:51  EPISODE1276 – to listen click here.

Listen to the details on the meeting with Governor Paul LePage…and so much more information.

Aroostook Watchmen broadcasts M-S at 8:00 a.m.

Description: Discussions on Constitutional gov’t, Local (Maine) gov’t., and Keeping Globalism Out of America. This program is live on the air on WXME am-780, Monticello, MEHosted by: aroostookwatchmen
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 52956

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  1. Hi!

    I was just listening to Jack and Phil on the Aroostook Watchmen Talkshoe show, and they keep mentioning the “Constitution of the State of Maine.”

    “Which” constitution are they referring to?

    The “de jure” constitution or the “de facto” constitution?

    They didn’t say.

    I highly suspect that it is the “de facto” constitution that is in place today (2003).

    Things to think about:

    1. Is Governor LePage the “de jure” governor or is Governor LePage the “de facto” governor?

    2. Can a “de facto” governor restore the republic of Maine that went
    empty in 1909?

    3. What “delegation of power” can a CEO restore the republic?

    On that show Jack mentioned that Governor LePage is the CEO of “this” state (Maine) so how can a CEO restore the republic?

    By what authority can he do so?

    I want to emphasize ONE MORE TIME that you MUST understand the dynamics of the “shifts” of power “away from” the people that was accomplished gradually over time to the “centralization of power” to the de facto state.

    If you don’t get this, then you are STILL LACKING in vital knowledge.

    I am writing a book so I can “make an attempt” to educate the masses and this is being done currently.

    This book can be used as a reference book, and anyone in any of the “states” can use the information to conduct research in their own states so they can uncover knowledge of what has happened and what is happening in their own state. Those from Maine will be able to see the fraud from this book in “this” state.

    Lastly, there are many, many pieces of the puzzle, and you MUST have many of these pieces in order to actually see the fraud.

    It is dangerous to acquire a “little” knowledge and then believe that you have become the “expert.”

    I am NO expert but ONLY a person who has taken the time and the effort to conduct the research and comprehend the material that I am studying.

    Some people just do not want to conduct research and want to “jump the gun” and move forward when they don’t have most, if not all, of the pieces of the puzzle.

    This is a dangerous approach.

    You could become a target (I can too) and land in one of “their” jails. Once you land in one of those “fake” courts, try and come out of there unscathed.

    Possible but very unlikely.

    Those fake courts are rigged against you, and the fake judge will have you for lunch because you are walking into the “lion’s den.”

    He or she will enjoy their lunch.

    You MUST have the knowledge in order to “back up” what you say.

    This is what I did on the conference call with Governor LePage. I used “their” own laws and Bouvier’s Law Dictionaries (I have plenty of other law dictionaries but didn’t mention them as time was against me). I didn’t write either one of them.

    I just read from them because I understand what it all means, and I not only read from them but EXPLAINED what it meant.

    I have been studying this for “over” six (6) years.

    Be careful when you think that you have gained some “new” knowledge and now believe that you have become “the expert.”

    This thinking can lead you down a path of destruction.

    All for now.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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