No Surprise Maine Gets A D+ Grade On Judicial Accountability

Falmouth Today reports  “What is Judicial Accountability and why does Maine get a D+ for a grade?  Is it possible that our judges, many of whom come from the ranks of previous government positions, can’t seem to adhere to the Rules, Laws, and Constitution they swore to uphold, protect, and defend?”

“We have witnessed more than a few judges ignore current laws and make up a ruling on the fly.  One woman on the bench disclosed her husband was a law partner with highly suspect Portland lawyer, yet she claimed that wouldn’t influence her judgment.  Can you imagine the pillow talk that night when she disclosed she ruled in favor of a Plaintiff that her husband’s partner has spent the last 12 years trying to screw?  Sure you can be impartial judge, no problem.  Then she swapped courtrooms with another woman who was a partner in the firm when they hired another lawyer that has since been censured by a Bar committee.

“The D+ is likely the result of the extreme lack of oversight by any organization with authority to rein in the misconduct of both lawyers and judges.  We were under the mistaken idea that the Bar was to protect the client from the out of control misconduct of lawyers.  Boy, were we wrong.”

“Here’s an example from one source, Judge Paul Fritzsche, sitting in York County Superior Court, has a record of 77 and 0 ruling against Pro Se (where you can’t afford a lawyer and you go into court representing yourself) litigants.  How about some truth in advertising here where Fritzsche hangs a banner in front of the bench that states:


Judge Paul Fritzsche gets away with his misconduct, obstruction of justice and official oppression because he is very well shielded through his conflicts of interest.

Take Notice:

Members on the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability includes Judge Paul Fritzsche. Is this not a conflict of interest?

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Judge Paul A. Fritzsche, York County (Me) Superior Court, Threatens Court Watcher.

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  1. Hi!


    Aren’t you nice!

    Giving a D+ for judicial accountability in this state (Maine)?

    I hope that you are kidding.

    I give it an F- and more minuses.

    Does so called judge Fritzche have a commission which “vests” him a public office?

    I am willing to bet that he doesn’t have one so calling him a “judge” is an inappropriate title to address him with.

    With NO commission, then he is nothing more than an administrative law judge otherwise known as a “hearing examiner” who possesses NO judicial powers whatsoever and cannot even sit on the bench to
    “begin with” in order to hear causes, civil and criminal.

    He is an impostor and a fraud without a commission, and he needs to tried by a trial by jury (we don’t want to take his rights away from him, of course) and hopefully sent to jail for a very long time.

    Plain and simple.

    Does this so called judge Fritzche sit in “silence” and possesses “special knowledge” that he is not a commissioned judge and refuses to inform the public about it (false representation, lying by omission, etc)?

    I bet that he does maintain his silence in this matter.

    The members of the public, who enter the courts here in Maine, have a right to know if they are sitting or standing in front of a genuine, constitutional judge and not some impostor.

    And so called judge Fritzche rules against pro se litigants ALL the time according to the above-mentioned so that warrants an F- and more minuses in this situation alone.

    Lastly, that superior court that so called judge Fritzche sits in is nothing more than a state-wide court and NOT a county court, within and for the county (local control/representation). The state has NO authority to “take over” the courts.

    As far as these fake judges following the laws, forget it.

    Most, if not all, of these court situations are rigged right from the start, and the fake judge will have you for lunch because you have walked into the lion’s den.

    All for now.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • Lise, I sent Judge Fritzsche a FOIA for his commission. He “declined to answer.” By his “decline” he answered my question.

  2. Hi!

    Since he didn’t answer, then he is using silence committing fraud and deception against the people where he has a duty to speak.

    Sounds like he is an impostor and should be jailed for it.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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