Connecting the Dots: Agenda 21 – From the United Nations to Your State Government

April 15th, 2013 by Tom DeWeese

“Proponents of Sustainable Development constantly tell us that their plans are just local. And they deride those who accuse them of imposing an international agenda. Kooks. Fringe Fanatics. Conspiracy Theorists. These are just some of the labels they pin on those fighting to expose Agenda 21. Moreover, they sarcastically ask, “how can an obscure twenty year old document be a threat to local policy? Tsk Tsk.”

Well, let’s take just one example and follow it through the process. Let’s get acquainted with the Earth Charter. If Agenda 21 is the blue print – the Earth Charter is the manifesto.”

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March 29, 2013
By: Editor
“You can’t dig up roads for 5 years after they’ve been repaved.” Councilor Bonny Rodden’s insightful comment five minutes after it was explained that Summit gas would lay pipe immediately for any road being repaved before anything else was done and prior to any new paving. March 20, 2013 at Falmouth, Cumberland, and Yarmouth joint Council meeting, held in the Yarmouth town hall.

Without taking into consideration Bonny’s mental incapacity we find her position about anyone living in an apartment, a do as I say, not as I do idea. When will Bonny be relocating her family from her (sources tell us the husband is not on the deed) MILLION DOLLAR home on the water front, to a wonderful tiny two bedroom second floor apartment above the fish store, overlooking beautifully landscaped medians, on Rt.1 in the lovely Falmouth village? At least she’d be handy to FHOP where she buys the family dinner so often she ought to buy stock in the pizza shop.

Not too damn soon is our wild guess. Below you can see Bonny’s house and the view she has from her front yard. Bonny, a big supporter of Sustain Southern Maine, another name for the U.N. Agenda 21 (planned growth for the 21st century, their own misnomer, because it is really NO GROWTH from now on) crowd, can’t wait to herd all you rift raft off the flats to apartments on Rt. 1, so she can finally enjoy the privacy she so richly deserves, you know how the elitist feel about the peasants that service their needs, they’re just another necessary evil.

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  1. a person ought to realize the intentions of enviromentalism has nothing to do with saving the planet or enriching the lives of people, otherwise why arnt they practicing what they preach (royal family hunting endangered species comes tomind all paid for by ignorant donators who think it is saving wildlife and people not killing them)or having more wealth then 99 percent of the population and claiming we the middle class have to much and are destroying the planet and should downsize, humm, when are they going to downsize too? their blatant envy jealousy and hate of their fellow humans is more and more plain to see.

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