Remonstrance For Maine Government

“This Remonstrance was done by our Group and hopes by example it could be repeated in all government institutions that violate the law of the Constitution that institutes government bodies in our Free and independent society. Most people do not realize that the Constitutional America still exists with all of our described rights and freedoms in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution for the United States of America and the constitution of the individual states we live in. Most people do not know that they reside in the Federal jurisdiction of the United States Corporation and have contracted their rights away through acquiescence.

In Maine we have the constitutional right of Remonstrance utilizing Maine Constitution Article 1 Section 2 described in the Brochure. The problem is that we do not have lawful enforcement until the people stand up and demand it publicly.

We need the People in the communities in Maine to understand this as soon as possible and to start exercising our individual rights to demand that our government respects the rights and authority of the citizens in which they swear their oath to doing our business under the constitution.

Then we need to gather together as many people to get into action to protect our selves and the State of Maine from the coming Economic collapse and planned Martial Law of the Federal Corporation to save America by destroying the constitution and make us all citizens of the United Nations World Order.”

REMONSTRANCE – Introductory Letter
Remonstrance for Maine Government: Wayne Leach January 2013. View video.

Published on Feb 3, 2013

This video explains the work of some of the people of Maine to hold Maine’s government officials to their oaths of office. PLEASE BE SURE TO SIGN THE REMONSTRANCE SHOWING MAINE PEOPLE YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS MOVEMENT TO HOLD THE GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR OATHS.

Maine Republic and Lawless America, I want my country back, are on the same page.

Take notice: The Attorney General possesses constitutional and common law authority.

Have you been injured or harmed and denied due process in Maine? Share your horror story with us. Contact

Share your story, comments on Lawless America Maine.


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  1. Hello, I did give thsts folks your adress – I like other have never heard back from Bill Windsor – this is seperate and people need to support it.

  2. Hi!

    What most people do NOT understand is that it is the “democracy” (majority rule otherwise known as “mob” rule) State of Maine (new state created) that is in operation today since 1909 with a “new” enacting clause so, therefore, there aren’t any genuine laws passed since 1909.

    The “original” constitution of the State of Maine is still there but it is empty.

    In 1891 the Maine State Bar Association, a corporation and a monopoly, was created for “special” members, and some of these members were part of the legislature and had a great deal of influence on the said legislature. Eventually, all lawyers were mandated to join if they wanted to practice law in Maine, and the fake judges are members, too. This is fraud. Members are a privileged group.

    Our militia came under the laws and regulations of the United States in 1919, and this is a fraud, too. We can no longer protect ourselves UNLESS we ask permission of the United States (general gov.). See the military article in the original Constitution of the State of Maine – no where does it say any such thing.

    In 1929 state-wide courts surfaced (superior courts) and a “new” supreme judicial court surfaced also called the “law” court. Our county courts (local control), within and FOR the county, mostly disappeared.

    In 1939 the Salary tax (so-called income tax) came into being into the states which was a fraud, too.

    In 1959 we lost the Common Law courts. All a fraud. Still studying the Common Law in order to comprehend the significance of it.

    In 1961 the fraudulent state-wide district courts (municipal courts were discontinued over time) came into being with NO commissioned judges and NO trial by jury in these courts.

    In 1975 the administrative courts (adm. procedures act) surfaced and the creation of the Adm. Office of the Courts. NO commissioned judges in those courts either.

    Also, the state-wide courts accept federal funding.

    Why is that?

    The ONLY voters (not electors) today are federal subjects – see voter application form.

    Everyone today is presumed to be residing in DC. Federal laws supersede state laws.

    How did this happen?

    What happened to our free and independent State of Maine?

    Does Governor LePage (genuine governors at one time were called “His Excellency”) understand this? So called Gov. LePage is no such thing. He was voted into an “office” by federal subjects as well as the legislative members.

    Study this as it will show you what is happening today and why things are not working for the people.

    I am still conducting research and learn something new nearly everyday.

    Lastly, we are under the UN (a front for the New World Order) since 1948.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • Lise, your research is so appreciated! You are one of a kind. Keep up the good work. People are awakening.

  3. Hi!

    Thank you!

    I am hoping that my book will educate the people enough that some of them will conduct FOAs (freedom of access requests) and “bombard” the fake judicial department with such requests (asking for a copy of their commission) plus address this issue in their fake courts. The fake judges most certainly do not want the public to hear any of this.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if 2000 or 3000 or 4000 or more make such requests?

    It would overwhelm the system, and those, who work in the department, would have to do something.

    What that something is is unknown to me.

    They will no longer be able to “hide” in their silence (they have a duty to speak) that the fake judges are not genuine, constitutional judges meaning that they do not operate from a public office, have no judicial powers, have no immunity, and cannot even sit on the bench in the first place without a commission.

    They can fine anyone, can’t jail anyone, can’t issue summons, can’t issue penalties to anyone, can’t issue orders at all.

    Fake judges have NO power whatsoever. None at all.

    This is my dream.

    Maybe I am just dreaming.

    Who knows?

    P.S. Don’t make such a request unless you understand the real issue of the commission. It could get you in trouble.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  4. Hi!

    Mistake found again.

    It should say “can’t fine anyone” in the paragraph where the fake judges cannot do certain things.

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