Debby Reagan’s Letter To James Frechette, Investigator In Maine’s Office of Securities, Reported By The Lisbon Reporter

Debby Reagan responded to the “Recent settlement by Maine on Robo-signing.” Read more, click here.

Debby wrote to James R. Frechette, Investigator, in Maine’s Office of Securities within the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation and other state legislators.

The Office of Securities protects Maine investors by investigating and prosecuting violations of the securities laws; licensing broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers, and investment adviser representatives; and reviewing registration statements and exemption filings for securities issuers that are seeking to sell in Maine.

Leon Bard also has a handle on this. “In Regards to the recent AG Settlement. There is something wrong when our state government collects money from a bank and or their servicer for wrong doing, but at the same time allows their courts to proceed with a foreclosure that is laced with the very same wrong doing.”

States Leon “The recently announced Maine Attorney General Settlement with Lender Processing Services, Inc., brings to light the irony in which mortgage/foreclosure fraud is dealt with here in Maine.

Apparently the executive branch of our state government recognizes the fraud committed by LPS, Inc., in fact they are going to receive $500,000 as per the settlement. Are the victims of this fraud going to receive any compensation? Has a chicken got lips?

Now on the other hand, we have the judicial branch NOT RECOGNIZING the exact same fraud! This is happening in both Debby’s case and Tim Cason’s case. I’d be willing to bet that these are not isolated cases. A close look at Maine’s organizational chart reveals that Maine’s Judicial Branch is under Maine’s Executive Branch. Is there any way to get the AG’s office to train the administrative hearing officers (so called judges) in our judicial branch, how to recognize mortgage/foreclosure fraud? If not, then maybe the only relief in sight for the victims, is to file claims on the judge’s liability insurance or bonds. ”

Let’s keep an eye on Mr. Frechette and the elected officials who received Debby’s correspondence!

Homes are not only “taken” through fraudulent foreclosures, they are also stolen “behind closed doors.” The City of  Biddeford has this down pat!



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  1. Hi!

    Do you have a copy of the organizational chart (judicial) that you could send me?

  2. Hi!

    I wonder if justice Paul Fritzsche has a commission.

    If not, then he has NEVER been vested with a constitutional public office so, therefore, he has also NEVER been vested with any judicial powers and cannot hear any causes, civil and criminal.

    The commission “vests the office, and without it, then he does not have a public constitutional office to operate from.

    In other words, he is ONLY a “mere” employee and is NOT a public officer.

    He is an imposter without a commission and committing fraud against the people if that is the case.

    Maybe I’ll ask him if he has a commission in a Freedom of Access request.

    Keep in mind that the Maine District Court, the Maine Superior Court, and the Maine Supreme Court are NOT constitutional courts but rather “state-wide” courts ONLY and NOT courts created “within and for the counties.”

    There is a subtle distinction, and this is done on purpose to fool the people. It is “all hidden in plain site,” of course, and it has taken me years to figure this out.

    Just because the “fake” judges quack like ducks does not mean that they are ducks.

    Just because these so-called courts appear to be “similar” to the genuine constitutional courts does not mean that they “are” genuine constitutional courts.

    It is all so subtle in their differences. Once you see the differences, then it so easy to spot those differences.

    Take notice.

    Is it any wonder that there isn’t any justice in these “fake” courts? It is all “rigged” against the people.

    Whenever one walks into one of them, then one is walking into the “lion’s den” and guess what?

    The lion will destroy you.

    I am writing a book about our “fake” courts and “fake” judges here in Maine, and it will be very educational for those interested in learning
    regarding these issues.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • Hey Lise, i will contribute what ever I can and help you in any way I can. When an appeal can be denied for a simple clerical error you know there is collusion. We must all speak up and make sure they hear us.

  3. Hi!

    I will make sure that the people hear me through my book, and those who are interested in this matter will purchase the book.

    It will be available in print and ebooks.

    The way to help me is to spread the word about the book when it is published.

    It is fraud at its best when a person sits on the bench without a commission, and “mere” employees do not possess any judicial powers whatsoever.

    None at all.

    They are imposters.

    They cannot hear causes, civil and criminal, and cannot fine and jail anyone lawfully as they possess no such power to do so.

    They cannot “hear” a cause at all without a commission right from the start so, therefore, they have no jurisdiction whatsoever.

    This is very, very important to understand – “right from the start”.

    When one does not have a public office to begin with, then how can one take an “oath of office?

    An oath to what?

    Fraud has no standing in law, and there aren’t any statutes of limitations on fraud (see the Atlas Glass case of 1944).

    Lise from Maine

  4. Hi!

    I just received the “organizational chart” of Maine, and take notice that it says “branches” of the government.

    Thank you so much to the person who sent it to me.

    Maine has three distinct “departments” not branches – Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

    There is NO such thing as branches of government except to distinguish the two “branches” in the Legislative power – see Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution of the State of Maine – 2003.

    Pay strict attention to any and all subtle changes as they can be very, very revealing as they are meant to fool someone.

    These so-called judges cannot be commissioned because they operate from a “statutory” state ONLY and not the “original” state of Maine – see Title 19, MRS, for the definition of “state.”

    It says that “state” is a territory of the United States.

    How can this be?

    Isn’t the state of Maine a free and independent State as it continues to say in its constitution – 2003?

    Here is what it continues to say “…… agree to form ourselves into a free and independent State,………….”

    Is there a “second” state operating within the “original” state of Maine?

    If so, is it a “republican form” of government as Art. IV guarantees in the Constitution of the United States?

    Now examine Art 1, Section 8 in the Constitution of the United States whereby the “general” (not federal) government can ONLY have land within a state which is 10 miles square for needful buildings – forts, magazines, etc.

    It is vital that the people make all “connections” to each piece of the “puzzle” otherwise you can be easily fooled. I was fooled many times over since the distinctions are very subtle which is done on purpose so as not to alarm the people over time.

    This fraud took a long time to accomplish, and with the “Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” as Charlotte Isybyt so eloquently described in her book of which I possess, it is no wonder that the “powers that be” accomplished their goals in this great deception.

    I have now unraveled this great deception of which it has taken me years to do.

    I have spend countless hours in the law libraries, and have purchased many,many old dictionaries and old law books in order to see the deception myself, and will now show the people in my book this great deception.

    It is all so fascinating to say the least.

    In the last week or so I have bought 7 or 8 new books of which were very enlightening.

    Lastly, there isn’t any justice provided in these “fake” courts as they are not designed “from the start” to provide.

    Pay attention – “from the start.”

    These so-called judges commit fraud on a daily basis when they deny motions, decide cases, select the jury from behind closed doors, etc.

    Denying anything is a lack of due process and gives them the “power” to decide who will win “to start with.”

    It is all rigged against the people.

    It is up to the plaintiff to establish jurisdiction, and if these “fake” judges don’t have it no matter if they want it, they cannot just take it as they do most of the time these days.

    Fraud, fraud, fraud permeates in these “fake” courts with these
    “fake” judges.

    Can you see the “pieces” of the puzzle coming together now with all the information that I have posted on this forum?

    All for now.

    Lise from Maine

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