[new post] N.H. Judicial Watch Takes On Judicial And Government Corruption

I received the following e-mail message from NHJudicialWatch@gmail.com . David must also include Obstruction of Justice and Hindering Prosecution.

“Attention People!

ANYTIME a judge coerces or perpetrates fraud, denies you due process, violates your rights guaranteed under the constitutions, knowingly adjudicates/and or signs and rubber-stamps a recommendation of a Marital Master who perpetrates such crimes, does likewise as an administrative director, who was informed, and turns a blind eye to such criminal behavior as they review an appeal in their court, is GUILTY of committing a felony, treason, misprision of felony, and misprision of treason.

If the New Hampshire Supreme Judicial Court’s Conduct Committee has become aware of the violations listed above, yet does not report it, they and the New Hampshire Supreme Judicial Court are all GUILTY of misprision of felony and misprision of treason.

Any attorney who fails to act, if he or she has witnessed another attorney and or a judge commit such crimes, and does nothing to report such crimes, then they are also GUILTY, of misprision of felony and misprision of treason.

Anyone in New Hampshire government, who has sworn an oath to uphold the constitutions, who has committed such crimes or witnessed such crimes and failed to report them, is also GUILTY of misprision of felony and misprision of treason.

Any Representative or Senator or Judge or Governor, who was informed by credible evidence or witness that such crimes have been committed, yet conceals or suppresses such a report is GUILTY of misprision of felony and misprision of treason.

From this moment forward, I shall be taking reports of such crimes. I shall be conducting the necessary investigations required to prosecute any and all government employees, public servants, officers of the court, irregardless of their position or standing.

After such investigations have been concluded, with every bit of energy in me, I SHALL prosecute the perpetrators of felony, treason, misprision of felony, and misprision of treason.

We the people are being raped by PERSONS in government who need to be prosecuted and jailed. Our sons and daughters are subjected to the cruelty of government that has not only failed us, but has openly defied their OATHS OF OFFICE and CONTRACTS with the people.

Please contact me if you have had your due process and rights violated, reported such yet got no relief, or witnessed such. These PERSONS should be prosecuted, so as to remove them, sue them, and jail them. No judge has immunity once they violate their oath of office during the commission of a felony or treason or both.

We have a serious problem in Hew Hampshire. Our judicial branch is using the people for their own ill-gotten gain and they’re doing it in brazen, open defiance to our LAW. I intend to stop it. I need your help.

I intend to bring these matters to the International Common Law Court of Justice at The Hague.

As a man, a living, breathing man, born on and of the land, of sound mind and body, not a PERSON, not a CORPORATION, not an INDIVIDUAL, not a “14th Amendment-U.S. CITIZEN, but an American, I COMMAND all public servants, government PERSONS and EMPLOYEES, to cease and desist from perpetrating these crimes against the people. We are not your underlings. We are not your subjects. We are not your slaves. We are not going to serve YOU. We are not going to be levied and burdened by you! We are not your EMPLOYEES. We are not wards of the court or the STATE. We are not in agreement with any contract, concealed contract, or unlawful ruling of the administrators of any bankruptcy. We do not consent to your jurisdiction over people. We do not consent to the fraud you perpetrate via your gross misperception of any alleged presumption of consent on our part, especially since you do this under the cloak of deceit. We are not beneath any CORPORATION. We SHALL NOT any longer tolerate the actions of those who usurp our law and constitutions, most especially the organic constitution. We are not going to tolerate YOU.

The New Hampshire Supreme Judicial Court operates outside law, and it routinely violates the rights of the people as it maintains a criminal enterprise, which is harming the people. It has no credible standing other that the support of its fellow usurpers. It makes the abusive rules which they claim we are suppose to appeal to them. They operate in camera and concealment. They claim their Judicial Conduct Committee can keep their receipts of complaints in camera. This cannot be done by a government agency unless they are acting as a private CORPORATION. We the people have the right to know. We the people have the right to know whenever our government acts to harm the people. We have no confidence in them.

After a history of abuses, there has been countless complaints, acts of violations, including but not limited to the murder of a jurist and the self immolation of a victim of said abuses. None of which has stopped the criminal activity routinely conducted in the Judicial Branch of New Hampshire Government. We have been insulted with the lies told in the General Court by Edwin Kelly and Howard Zibel. In pain language, the New Hampshire Supreme Judicial Court is NOT a Court of the people. As a man who abides by God’s law, I must act to prevent more of such crimes before they occur. The New Hampshire Supreme Judicial Court acts so as to incite unrest as they endanger our society and the safety of the people. THEY and only THEY are responsible for backing peaceful people into the corner, which precipitates such violent, blow-back reactions from their victims of rampant abuses. The New Hampshire Supreme Judicial Court is the most disgraceful band of common criminals I’ve ever witnessed in my entire existence on this Earth.

To further their insult and harm to the people, these criminals unlawfully require the people’s constitutionally elected County Attorneys to be members of the New Hampshire BAR Association, which allows them to facilitate statutory control over the grand juries of the people, which is a violation of the Taft Hartley Act, the constitutions, and their oaths of office. Title I Chapter 7 in the New Hampshire Statutes demonstrates the compilation of such usurpations: Attorneys General, Director of Charitable Trusts, and County Attorneys. Any high ranking Justice knows exactly which usurpation of the constitutions is being perpetrated in this travesty. Anyone responsible for these crimes is the most serious of felons and traitors. Through their control of the New Hampshire BAR Association, the County Attorneys cannot act in the best interest of the people who elected them, but instead they act in the best interest of the criminal enterprise run by the usurpers in the New Hampshire Supreme Judicial Court. Statutes have NO position over the constitutions. Nothing in the organic constitution or the 10th amendment leaves authority to STATE CORPORATIONS to override the God given rights of the people.

In the interest of justice, and for the well being of the people of the New Hampshire Republic, I am personally taking the initiative to form a Common Law Grand Jury to investigate, organize, and prosecute those who commit these crimes against the people they have sworn an oath to serve. We are living under the reign of terror by those with titles of honor and nobility. We have been violated and harmed by those who believe they are above Natural Law, Common Law, Constitutional Law, and those of which believe that Common Law is supposed to be replaced by Statute, which is intended to run government, not over the people. These criminals have perpetrated fraud and an undercurrent of dissent against the people with the assistance of clever wordsmiths acting as their agents in the General Court. I seriously recommend anyone who does not wish to be included in these prosecutions to abandon the joint effort of the conspirators who have already proven themselves to be traitors and felons.

Please forward all complaints of felony and treason and complaints you’ve forwarded to the Judicial Conduct Committee to me at NHJudicialWatch@gmail.com so I may review your credibility and documented proof of these crimes. I will hold all your information in confidence. I will accept these complaints from public servants in confidence. Anyone who works in or around the courts and their administrations may expect my full cooperation. I shall be traveling around New Hampshire to spread this message. We must stop those who have wrested control from the people. I encourage court workers, attorneys, security personnel, Sheriffs and their deputies, State Representatives, victims of court abuse, or witnesses of such crimes, to contact me. We have waited long enough. We are tired of witnessing the attacks of those who intend to destroy the House Redress of Grievances Committee, which they do in violation of their fiduciary duty to protect the people. Those who wish to destroy that Committee act in defiance to their oaths of office to uphold the constitutions, specifically Articles 31 & 32, First Part of the New Hampshire Constitution. These are the ones I intend to target with the highest priority along with the criminals in the Judicial Branch. These PERSONS are attempting to undermine the General Court, the court of the people. Their goal is to make the General Court irrelevant.

We have an imminent threat of a foreign power encroaching upon or rights and lives through domestic terrorism against our people via the Judicial Branch of our government. They hurt our families for a living.

Please post this in all your FaceBook pages, blogs, Yahoo groups, and any organization which is intended to inform and serve the people. I will do the work for you, so you may conduct your daily business and I will work tirelessly to help your young ones. I have dedicated my life to you. I need ALL your help. I need ALL of you. I need you to spread the word. I need you to distribute my message to all Media. I need you to print this out and spread it to the litigants in the courts, the walls in your clubs and businesses, government and public buildings, your friends and families, your fellows in civic groups, law enforcement officers, your barber shops and hair salons, court employees, those who have been falsely imprisoned, your Representatives, your church groups and organizations, OathKeepers, Libertarians, patriots, Law abiding people, disgruntled attorneys who fear getting disBARred, and to ANYONE you can think will be interested in helping and who has been victimized by those who have perverted their roles as public servants. Tell everyone! Anoint all deeds with prayer! God is not here to serve us. We are here to serve God. America belongs to God and us. In the name of LAW, I need YOUR HELP.
In order to destroy a nation without military intervention, you must destroy its society. To destroy it’s society, you must destroy the families. To destroy the families, you must discard the fathers or the mothers or both. In order to do this, you must have no God in you, and you must serve evil. To serve evil, you must be a criminal to your core. In order to succeed at these crimes against the people, you must have a corrupt judiciary, so as to rule and legislate and execute the agenda from the courts.
This is exactly what is happening in New Hampshire. I, one man, will stand in defiance against them, for YOU! For the people and our little loved ones who have been stolen from us, I SHALL BRING THESE CRIMINALS DOWN! I can stand in front of you, if you stand behind me. I NEED YOUR HELP!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!! Please gather all your single dollar bills and put them to work for our cause. I need help to produce videos for YouTube and all cable access channels across New Hampshire. They’re preying upon our families and they’re eating us alive.

PASS CACR 26! Vote to amend the constitution. The Court is under the people. We are not under the court. The courts have precipitated this issue because of their chronic abuses and cries. They ARE NOT to be trusted to make rules. THEY have proven that beyond the shadow of doubt. They do NOT serve you!”


Your servant,

David Johnson

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