[new post] Maine U.S. Senate Candidate Angus King’s Involvement In The Wind Industry

Are wind farms saving or killing us? A provocative investigation claims thousands of people are falling sick because they live near them.

The symptoms they claim to have suffered may vary – including dizziness; increased blood pressure and depression – but the theme remains the same.
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PPH reports “King calls new wind ad false, asks TV stations to stop running it. The ad, purchased by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, features members of an anti-wind group that claims King made “millions” off the Record Hill wind project in Roxbury. The complaint comes as the King campaign appears to be weighing a new tack following recent polls reporting gains by Democrat Cynthia Dill and Republican Charlie Summers.”

Charlie Summers campaign says “King’s attack ad from 1994 shows he ‘says one thing, and does another.’

As the November election heats up, let’s take a look at the integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and character (or lack thereof) of Maine’s U.S. Senate candidates. Let’s see who ‘says one thing and does another’.

During the tenure of former governor Angus King, I received from a state legislator a list of the key “serve at the pleasure” of the governor positions. I learned from this legislator that he was chastised on the House floor for taking this public. Why the big secret? According to this document, there is a more comprehensive list than what is provided here and is kept within the Office of the Secretary of State. We the people have a right to know whose salaries we are paying! We also have a right to know who the “Confidential Employees” are.


Maine’s Corrupt 2012 Election Marches on….

Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers wins election and Julie Flynn Gets to Count Her Boss’ Votes.

This evidence speaks for itself and (former) Governor King’s threat to one of the people “shocks the conscience.”

Will Maine’s history repeat itself in Washington?

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