Republican Charlie Summers, independent Angus King and Democrat Cynthia Dill squared off in a three-way debate at the Franco-American Center on Monday evening.

The top rivals hope to win the seat of U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe.

Andrea Mitchell’s exclusive interview with Sen. Olympia Snowe when she ubruptly decided not to seek re-election and giving possible candidates approximately two weeks to gather signatures. “Having a milestone birthday helps you to focus about whether or not I was prepared to commit for another six years in the United States Senate.” I find it hard to believe that Senator Snowe didn’t know last year that she was coming up upon a “milestone birthday.”

“Summers pitched his experience as a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Summers said he didn’t believe the government in the U.S. was broken, only without leadership.

“King pitched the things he accomplished during his eight years as Maine’s top executive, his independence and focused on trying to be a politician who would do things differently than the status quo of the two-party system. “The system isn’t working,” King said.

“Dill pitched her lifelong commitment to progressive values. Dill said neither Summers or King had it right. “You’ve got one candidate who says the system is broken. But let’s face it, it is broke, but it’s not broke for guys like him. It’s broke for the rest of us. Dill said she was the only candidate in the race standing up for working families and small businesses.”

The economy, job, taxes are the main themes for candidates. These Maine candidates are/have been in political positions. They speak as all other “has been” politicians who could have made a difference, but wouldn’t. Angus King was Maine’s governor, Charles Summers is a former member of the Maine State Legislature and Cynthia Dill currently sits in Maine’s legislature.

How do these people expect the economy to grow with such corruption under their control? They all have the same answer “there’s nothing I can do.” Well they are paid to do something! They didn’t do anything to help the abuses inflicted upon Mainer’s while in office then, do you expect they will when elected? Rather than listen to their scripted speeches, take a serious look at their honesty and trustworthiness. Their character speaks volumes!  Do you realize the votes in congress affect the entire country?

The three other independent candidates, Steve Woods of Yarmouth, Andrew Ian Dodge of Harpswell, and Danny Dalton of Brunswick, were not invited to the live debate. They were invited to participate in an online forum. Angus King is running as an independent. It’s unfair that these three independent candidates we not invited to the debate.

Mainers do have a choice!

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