[new post] It’s time for us to take back Lawless America and make it America once again

An emergency message from William Windsor:

“PARDON MY FRENCH, BUT I’M PISSED OFF NOW. When I left on the Lawless America Movie Road Trip 49 days ago, I was on a mission. I knew the judicial and government corruption in America was bad, but I underestimated how bad.

Our country is broken. We must save America. We must help the millions of victims.
We must save our children and grandchildren from this.

We must turn LAWLESS AMERICA into a peaceful revolution — a movement that will grab the attention of millions of people. And it seems we will have to do it with little or no exposure from the mainstream media. This means we have to turn the Internet into our own mainstream media.

Please reach out to everyone you know, everyone who is a victim, everyone who belongs to appropriate organizations and Facebook groups. The predicament our country is in is FAR WORSE than what the colonists faced. Please be a Paul Revere — get on “your horse” and spread the word.

I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

Lawless America…The Movie.

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