[new post] NC Asst. Atty. Gen. Lennon’s OAH Response (7.16.12) to Rod Class’ recent Petition

From Rod,

Here’s the North Carolina Asst. Atty. Gen. David Lennon’s response to Rod Class’ most recent Petition to the NC Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) in the Traffic / tax issue.

This is NOT an order from the Court – It is a Motion To Dismiss Rod’s case by the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA from Mr. Lennon with his Exhibits which he thinks can only strengthen his argument. But, are these Exhibits merely “opinions” of two Judges ? We all know what opinions are worth, right ? Besides, the Court nor Mr. Lennon has seen what Rod has in mind for a rebuttal !

Mr. Lennon is acting on behalf of the actual North Carolina Attorney General, ROY COOPER, as he (Lennon) signed under Mr. Cooper’s name. And, Mr. Lennon has even built upon the first two descriptions of the State of North Carolina employees which called an obvious government employee a “private entity” (in Exhibit A by Judge May), then in Exhibit B, Exhibit A was confirmed. Note the two pages of Exhibit B didn’t describe the employee as a “private entity”…but, the description of “private contractor” was in either part of Judge May’s original ruling or in Judge Manning’s full and very rambling communication of recusal directly to Rod from last summer. It was a bizarre and comical communication to say the least. There’s a link below.

Now Mr. Lennon has added another descriptive phrase to the typical (what we think as a) North Carolina “government” employee of an “individual and not an agency of North Carolina, nor an employee of the State of North Carolina” on page 3 for Mr. Sisk, and for Ms. Millsaps on page 2. Lennon even says on page 3 that Ms. Millsaps is “not a trustee (public or otherwise ?) for any county or for the State of North Carolina…” So, both these people (Sisk and Millsaps) have what kind of relationship with the State of North Carolina or the county of Gaston ? ? ? Where do their paychecks come from ? Etc., etc. So many questions, so few answers and so much subterfuge!

Rod is working on his response to Mr. Lennon.

Here’s the link to Lennon’s 17 page Motion To Dismiss.

Judge Manning’s rambling letter to Rod, Summer of 2011.

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