Huffington Post reports “Federal Judges’ Maui Conference Takes Heat From GOP Senators. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals’ upcoming conference on a Hawaiian island sounds more like “a vacation than a business trip” to discuss the administration of justice, two Republican U.S. lawmakers charged on Monday. In a letter to Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, Senators Charles Grassley and Jeff Sessions wrote that Congress has an obligation to guard against “waste, fraud and abuse” and demanded details about the conference, set for Aug. 13-16 in Maui.”
“Grassley said: “A judicial circuit court should be capable of using technology to share information without requiring a trip to an island paradise.””Republicans in Congress have long tangled with members of the 9th Circuit, who have consistently issued some of the most liberal rulings of any of the federal appeals courts. Grassley and Sessions asked the chief judge to respond by June 15 to 18 questions before any additional funds are spent for the conference.”
“The senators wrote that “the site makes clear that government funds are not to be used for any recreational or sporting activities and that court-related matters will be substantially considered. The conference is described on the court’s website.”
“Regardless, they added, “the programs read more like a vacation than a business trip to discuss the means of improving the administration of justice.”
Senator Charles Grassley wrote that Congress has an obligation to guard against “waste, fraud and abuse.”  Should Sen. Grassley and his colleagues in Congress respond before “any additional funds” are spent on their salaries?
Let’s quit with the hipocrasy! Your vacation is over. We are on to you!
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BDN reports Susan Collins calls for independent review of Secret Service misbehavior.”“Charles Edwards, Homeland Security’s acting inspector general, said his agency has reviewed the Secret Service investigation and conducted interviews of its own. Homeland Security officials, however, have stopped short of a full-blown inquiry.”

“I think it’s critical that the [Office of the Inspector General] do a completely independent review and investigation, not just a review of the [Secret Service’s] investigation,” Collins said.”

Homeland Security, Office of the Inspector General, stopped short of a full-blown inquiry? Do we have another area of misconduct?
Complaints on two US Attorneys were file with the OIG at the DOJ during the tenure of Glenn Fine. The OIG acknowledged receipt of my complaints dated February 23, 2007, determined that the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys management should review my complaint and forwarded my complaint to the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys. No action taken. My complaint was faxed to H. Marshall Jarrett, Counsel, the OPR (Office of Professional Responsibility). Jarrett discounted my serious complaint.

In April 2009 H. Marshall Jarrett, the longtime chief lawyer in the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility” was “reassigned to head the Executive Office for United States Attorneys.” 

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Unfortunately for our congressional leaders, their public comments contradict their representative actions. Do they really think that we believe what they are stating to the controlled media? Regarding the mainstream media, why hasn’t BDN, or other Maine media, reported on the evidence of misconduct by elected officials?

More on video regarding the mainstream media.

Senators Collins and Snowe, it is equally “critical” that a complete independent review and investigation be conducted within the judicial system.
However, due to the “revolving door” policy, can there ever be an independent review or investigation by Washington officials?
While we’re at it…..why don’t we get into the 1933 bankruptcy?
PPH reports “Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine told the hearing several small groups of Secret Service employees engaged in reckless, “morally repugnant” behavior and the prostitution scandal wider than believed. Collins said the employees’ actions could have provided a foreign intelligence service, drug cartels or other criminals with opportunities for blackmail or coercion threatening the president’s safety.”
“This week the Drug Enforcement Administration said the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General was investigating possible misconduct by two or more agents in Colombia. The investigation is unrelated to the Secret Service scandal but is based on information provided to the DEA by the Secret Service.”
“Senators focused on whether the Secret Service permitted a culture in which such behavior was tolerated.”
Prostitution nothing new to Washington.
Secret Service agent also fired in 2008 prostitute case.
When will senators be as disgusted with judicial prostitution? Judges regularly engage in “reckless, “morally repugnant” behavior with opportunities for blackmail or coercion threatening” the very foundation upon which our country was built. When judges sell their services to the highest bidder is this not prostitution? People are focused on why congressional leaders permit this culture in which such behavior is tolerated.
The demands for investigation into judicial misconduct, based on documented evidence provided by the people, has long been ignored. This is a public scandal! 
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