The Maine Wire reports the first of a series of exclusive interviews with Governor Paul R. LePage.
“We are trying to make sure that we have a solid safety net for our children, our elderly and our disabled, LePage said. We are trying to attack those who are abusing the system.”

“He is trying to weed out excess and abuse at DHHS while maintaining vital services for those who truly need it. But Democrats like Rotundo insist that claims of welfare abuse are merely anecdotal, even as many cases of fraud are now being investigated. Senator Craven, another Lewiston Democrat who supported massive increases in state spending under Governor Baldacci, frequently joins Rotundo in insisting that there is no widespread abuse of the welfare system in Maine. Whenever someone relates a story about welfare fraud or abuse, they claim the stories are merely anecdotal and, therefore, don’t prove anything.”

“If those are all anecdotal, then where’s the money going?” LePage said. “Why are we spending so much money?”

“How did Maine get into a position where it spends so much more the national average? The biggest mistake that Maine ever made was electing an independent governor in 1993, LePage said, referring to Angus King. When King took office, the state had a surplus in the budget. When he vacated the Blaine House, King left a one-billion-dollar shortfall for incoming governor John Baldacci, LePage said. That shortfall was carried through Baldacci’s term, and LePage is determined to get rid of it.”

Governor LePage is leaving out an important issue in his want to weed out excess and abuse at DHHS – ACCOUNTABILITY.  He must demand an investigation into the  “miscalcuations” of monies given to corporations that were not licensed at the time of receipt of Medicaid funding. This is one example, how many more got away with it?
LePage refers to the state having a surplus in the budget when Angus King took office. When he vacated the Blaine House, King left a one-billion-dollar shortfall. When King took office, he immediately issued a hiring freeze, however, Attorney Michelle Robert was hired for a position in the A.G.’s Office – perhaps a pay-back for playing games with Judge Robert E. Crowley, Saco Biddeford Savings Institution, their law firm Smith Elliott & Garmey (Attys Roger Elliott & Harry Center)?
King obviously used the surplus to create 147 positions.  Since Maine didn’t have these administrative costs prior to Angus King, why do we need them now? Is this not also excess and abuse of taxpayers who pay for Maine’s government?
LePage wants to know where all the money has gone?
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