BDN reports “Phil Roy, a longtime Republican politician from Somerset County, managed a federally funded agency’s checking account as well as the checking account of the state Republican Party, for which he was treasurer. Phil Roy wanted a camper. It cost $15,000, but he didn’t have the money. What Roy did have was access to cash — someone else’s cash. So in August of 2009, Uncle Sam and the Maine GOP bought Roy the camper.”  Read more.
I personally hand delivered a letter to Sawin Millett, Jr. Commissioner Department of Administrative & Financial Services on April 26, 2012. I specifically stated that he bring this to Governor Paul LePage, since state legislators have stuck their heads in the sand for decades. Is “cash” keeping them from upholding the law? Or another obvious problem.
An audit is warranted into the state agencies mentioned, as well. Will Governor LePage do something about this?
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  1. Hi!

    There is plenty of corruption going on in Maine ESPECIALLY in the ‘fake” judicial department.

    Lise from Maine

  2. Totally agree! The corruption would cease if we had a place to hold individuals accountable. That includes legislators!

  3. There’s no room for honest people within the corrupt realm of government and those who dare to be honest, pay the costs while the real criminals get rewarded! That is Maine politics for ya.
    Read why HERE: http://forthepeople2011.blogspot.com/2012/05/double-standards-for-state-corruption.html

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