PPH reports “public employees are collecting a salary and a state retirement pension at the same time.

“We clearly are interested in preserving institutional memory, but we’re also equally concerned, and are hearing more complaints about, double-dipping abuse,” said Sawin Millett, commissioner of the state Department of Administrative and Financial Services.

Millett, the state’s 74-year-old chief budget officer, is himself on the list of double dippers. He has served in multiple administrations and in the Legislature, and officially retired in 2000 at age 62. Last year, Millett earned a $101,215 salary as part of the LePage administration while also collecting $24,951 in pension benefits, according to the retirement system data.”
 Maine’s double-dipping retirees.
Maine’s Public Worker Pensions.
Is Sawin Millett earning is pay and pension?
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  1. to many, i can see why this may seem unfair. looked at from the view that the worker earned it then it is fair, and in my opinion ok. for instance: 1. a retiree who worked in the private sector receives his/her s.s pension and can earn up to about $600. more without a deduction from the check. ok? 2. a retiree who worked in the public sector receives his/her public pension and supplements it with part-time job to earn enough quarters to qualify for a small ss check so he/she can live on the two checks. usually a publicpension is smaller than a public one and with good reason, paychecks are smaller. there are other factors to be considered too, such as position and education/skills/experience. if you are concerned about anyone working for the public, i think you may be able to ask for an evaluation. margot.

  2. all those people who pretend to be “leaders” just keep recycling themselves, look at the trash trying to take the scumbag snowes place.

  3. Chief Brookes in Lisbon is retired/active and so is Judges like judge Brodrick retired/active talk about double dipping. Andre

    • yes,andrea, i get you,but question is by how much and necessity?

      also, if we the people, bite on the issue of double dipping for the higher-ups, we could also bite those in need on the other end of the
      seesaw, and in our world of “i could not want these good things for me and not for you” thats fairness.

      example: in the courtrooms, have we been treated fairly? food for thought, why? money? greed? power? how to get out of the “me first” position?

      i don’t know the people you mention. margot

  4. ……..not to mention officials who double dip and have failed miserably in their job performance. I resent that I’ve paid the salaries of officials who have screwed me…and you! They don’t deserve a salary period!

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