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  1. Rod,
    turns out ron Paul won in Iowa, S.C. , most of Florida and all of 60% of Nevada, and the Nev. state GOP chair resigned Sunday. because of the OPEN cheating and stealing Ron Paul victories and giving them to Mitt Romney or rick.

    Teach people how to form their own 23 person County Special Grand Jury OUTSIDE of the Court system , to hire a court report , elect a chair, take evidence and vote to indict the local county crooks, and sent the True Bill of Indictment so the Sheriff or the Local militia can arrest the crooks.

    NOW , not after the Nov. election. We need to stop this FRAUDULENT National election, make arrests and start over.

    • What must I have in the line of info to get started?

  2. We have for years been told of the voter fraud being perpetrated by the party leadership and now it looks as if we need to pay more attention to those that count the votes than those that cast the votes.

  3. AccurateVoteCounting-Now. wps

    submitted to:

    Dear hobie,
    I would like to submit an idea for verifying an accurate vote in any kind of voting situation where there is a suspicion that the vote count is being tampered with.
    This physical multiple-copy (NCR)paper-ballot approach could completely eliminate intentional vote tampering by exposing where the tampered counting is occuring. (See explanation)

    I have been concerned that various forces have manipulated votes.
    Therefore, I have thought of a way to ask people to join in eliminating fraudulent votes by voluntarily marking a very small 5-part NCR paper ballot that records a vote on 5 pieces of paper at the same time. Why 5 pieces? Because the voter can then drop the appropriate duplicate ballots in 4 different boxes and keep the last ballot for himself to check his registered choice for the sequential ballot number that he holds to see if they both match.
    One ballot box holds the precinct ballots and are counted at the precinct.
    another 2nd ballot box holds the district ballots and is sent sealed to the district officials for counting,
    another 3rd ballot box holds the county ballots and is sent sealed to the county officials for counting,
    another 4th ballot box holds the state ballots and is sent sealed to the state election officials to count, if the other 3 boxes do not have identical counts.
    If no fraud has occurred then all totals, at the state, the county, the district, and the precinct will all total the same, and the voter can see on the internet the evidence that his serial number ballot is indeed showing the choice or choices he or she made, if the ballot number shows a different choice then the holder of the 5th ballot copy can alert all officials to the error that is in the system counts.
    This dual paper and electronic format should eventually eliminate all fraudulent voting.
    If the voter detects a wrong vote for his serial number, there will be Tel#s to call, and he has his own copy of his actual vote to contest the vote that is registered by whatever location that claims he voted for someone other than the one he chose. If not resolved, then notify the media and file suit for a recount at that location.
    — The days of lying to the People – should end NOW!

  4. anyone know if there is paperwork for Corpus Non Judice?

  5. so sad , those bastards have been sweating bullets trying to avoid the press . it surely is not fair dottie. how do you think they have paid for silence !

  6. how ” much ” is what I meant – tired..

  7. Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will
    be waiting for your further write ups thank you once again.

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