“A study from George Mason University ranked all 50 states on how “free” they were based on social, regulatory and economic standards.”

2011 Freest Report

State Freedom Rankings

1. New Hampshire
2. South Dakota
3. Indiana
4. Idaho
5. Missouri
6. Nevada
7. Colorado
8. Oregon
9. Virginia
10. North Dakota
11. Florida
12. Oklahoma
13. Iowa
14. Texas
15. Georgia
16. Tennessee
17. Kansas
18. North Carolina
19. Alabama
20. Utah
21. Wyoming
22. Arizona
23. Nebraska
24. Mississippi
25. Wisconsin
26. South Carolina
27. Michigan
28. Arkansas
29. Montana
30. Vermont
31. Pennsylvania
32. Kentucky
33. Maine
34. Minnesota
35. Louisiana
36. West Virginia
37. New Mexico
38. Connecticut
39. Delaware
40. Washington
41. Illinois
42. Ohio
43. Maryland
44. Alaska
45. Rhode Island
46. Massachusetts
47. Hawaii
48. California
49. New Jersey
50. New York

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  1. An 18% reduction in the $100 annual “salaries” of NH legislators would mean a reduction of $18 per member, and the remaining $82 would be subject to federal taxation! And in order for this to happen, the citizens would have to amend the state constitution which, since the late 1800s, has fixed legislators’ salaries at $200 per biennium. Do you know if any other state fixes their legislators’ salaries by constitution vs. by statute?

    -Donald Manning, chief of staff to the speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives

  2. In both my town (Salem) and my county (Rockingham) the public employees are helpful and courteous, from the county court down to the local transfer station (town dump). Quite a change from where I use to live (Massachusetts)…

  3. I basically agree with the ranking of the states. I have often referred to New Hampshire as “the last free country on earth”. Let’s hope we can keep it from deteriorating.

  4. I live in New York, excuse me while I wave to all the surveillance cameras around me…

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