PPH reports  “NH Gov. Lynch won’t seek re-election.”

I read a newspaper article (Lynch creates crime commission to review state’s laws – Foster Daily Democrat 1/18/07) that Gov. Lynch signed an Executive Order creating a crime commission, headed by A.G. Kelly Ayotte, to review the state’s existing laws, assess crime prevention efforts and look at intelligence gathering and sharing among different agencies. His quotes, ”We all have a role in keeping our communities safe”; ”We must continue to work together to keep it that way, and to ensure that all of our citizens and our visitors feel safe and secure in our communities’ and ”As a state, we must ensure that our laws and policies are as effective as possible in preventing crime; that communities and state agencies are communicating and cooperating; and that we are giving our men and women on the front lines the tools they need to better allow them to do their jobs” is contrary to your actions.”

New Hampshire laws are in place to prevent crime and ensure the safety, security and well-being of citizens and visitors to your State. The problem lies with lack of accountability and the obvious malfeasance of office within various N.H. state agencies/law enforcement, thus my reason for contacting Governor John Lynch.

On February 15, 2007 I contacted Gov. Lynch’s office, through Marissa McQueeney, and e-mailed and faxed him correspondence requesting a meeting with him to discuss elder abuse in N.H. which resulted in death, criminal assaults perpetrated against visitors to his State (one individual with a visible disability), policies of governmental agencies and job performance of law enforcement agencies. These issues are contrary to Gov. Lynch’s focus to protect New Hampshire’s special quality of life and his renewed commitment to ethics and integrity to state government. New Hampshire is a beautiful state, but there is a serious issue of public safety that needed his immediate attention. Governor Lynch denied my request to meet with him.

Gov. Lynch chose to continue down the path of unresponsiveness, in violation of his oath of office pursuant to the Constitution of New Hampshire, Art. 41, “The governor shall be responsible for the faithful execution of the laws.” His office, as well as the Attorney General’s office, is fully aware of a cover up of criminal violations within the State of N.H. resulting in the taking of a person’s life. It shocks the conscience that a human life is of no value in New Hampshire, that persons of questionable character are in possession of weapons and according to New Hampshire’s sex offender list, one of those offenders is listed as living at this residence where the abuse and assaults took place. As head of Gov. Lynch’s (then) newly formed commission, (now former A.G.) Kelly Ayotte’s first task would be to identify priorities and she noted increased penalties for child sexual predators, yet my documents coupled with N.H.’s State’s own sex offender list leaves an impression of impropriety within Ayotte’s office. Since (now former) A.G. Kelly Ayotte refused to uphold the law and hold those accountable in this horrific slow, tortured death, it is evident that she was incompetent to lawfully perform her duties as head of newly formed commission. Violations of law and violations of rights have been brought to Gov. Lynch’s attention, as well as law enforcement at all levels of N.H. government. No action was taken.

The creation of new commissions/state agencies is not the solution to keeping N.H. communities, and visitors, safe. Gov. Lynch not only had a legal obligation, but a moral and ethical obligation, as well, to hear from the public on issues that affect their lives. The denial of access to his office contributes to the public’s distrust of government officials. I asked that he set aside the politics, open his door to the public and uphold his oath of office as the law requires. This request was denied.

My personal advice to all of you, if you visit N.H. you take your life into your own hands and may become a permanent resident – 6ft. under.

Re Governor Lynch, how does he sleep at night or look at himself in the mirror? As Governor of the “live free or die” State, his actions have spoken louder than his words.

Quite the legacy!

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  1. This does not come as any surprise to me. I have sent 4 copies to Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts so far of my Motions before the District Court, Lowell. As yet he has made no comment. What can be done? Do the other Governors in New England operate in the same way? Perhaps if we compose a Petition to all the Governors of the states which compel them to honor their Oaths and to communicate to Governors who do not comply with the laws of this Nation that they should consider resigning their governorships, etc, etc. We can all sign it, the more the merrier, and the Governors will be put on Notice by We the People and those Governors who agree with us on the importance that the Rule of Law and the Constitution must be upheld by all.

    This is one idea. Are there any others? Margot

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