See Carolina Crime Report, “The $100 million crime in Wake Court and Administrative Office of the Court.”

“The state auditor caught the crime in the Performance Audit of the Court System, released in June 2011.

The Wake County Court is violating state, federal and international statutes, laws, constitutions and treaties.

1. Wake court’s violations of Title 42 U.S. Code §1983, §1985, §1986 and Title 18, §3, §371, §505, §514, §641, §643 §644,§ 645 §648, §649, § 650, § 651, § 652, § 653, §871, §1001, §1621, §1956, §1957, §2071(b), §2232 Title 26, §7206, and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (18 USC §1030) Exposed

2. Wake Court Superior Court Judge Ignores Felonies–Court clerks use fake documents & court seal for financial gain and unlawfully change case status in ACIS computer system.

3. Wake court charging innocent defendants for other people’s crimes, and is not following NC General Statute 7A-304 which requires that uniform costs are charged to defendants.

4. Wake Court Clerk Causing False Arrests, a violation of the 4th amendment.

5. Per North Carolina General Statute 7A-105, Judge Stephens is responsible for disciplining and/or firing court clerks for failing to use lawful court documents and for misuse of the court seal.

6. Taking public money in excess of that prescribed by law is a violation of Title 18, 641, and it causes a fictitious obligation, Title 18, 514. Taking excess fines violates the 8th amendment, and Title 18, 871 extortion.

When judges act outside their judicial function, such as in supervising their employees, they do not have absolute Immunity. Per Title 18, 505, it is a felony to misuse a court seal and it is also a felony to use fake court documents. Per Title 18, 514, fictitious documents are illegal and when used to attempt to collect money is extortion, Title 18, 871.

If the superior court clerk and judge in residence applied “reasonable diligence” in performing their duties as required by Title 42, they would stop the crime and notify the victims that they are due relief. They are “color of law” officials guilty of violations of Title 42, 18 and 26.”

Criminal Complaint against Judge Christine Foster, Biddeford District Court, to James T. Glessner, Maine State Court Administrator, November 4, 2009.

My correspondence to James T. Glessner, Maine State Court Administrator, January 16, 2010, regarding my request for an administrative hearing to present evidence of a pattern of violations of procedural due process, the inefficient administration of justice, the tampering with court dockets/files, and non compliance with State and Federal law in the York County courts.

An audit and full investigation is warranted into the office of Maine’s Administrator of the Courts.

BDN reported  “Officials at the Department of Health Human Services confirmed Thursday that four program directors have been relieved of their duties by the LePage administration.”

“What I can tell you is when there is a new [administration] political appointment changes are to be expected,” said Adrienne Bennett, LePage’s spokeswoman. “As far as the cultural change — we must ensure that all state workers are focusing on their departments’ mission.”

Governor LePage must include the judicial department since “workers” are not “focusing on their departments’ mission.”

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  1. This is not just for the State of Maine,,this is a national problem when Public Officials refuse to follow Administrative Protocol…Its a dam shame when people are paid to do a job and their job is far from being done,,this is fraud on the people of America and something needs to be done…tc

  2. I agree with tc’s comment above. Many people have told me that it is€ now up to the people to act. What to do, thats the question.. DoeS anyone have ideas? Margot

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