“The conservative advocacy groups behind the secretly recorded interview at the Department of Health and Human Services on Friday defended their decision to aggressively promote the video despite criticism that it is designed to mislead the public about the occurrence of welfare fraud.”
O’Keefe has been criticized in his attempts to show malfeasance within welfare agencies. Malfeasance of office extends beyond Maine’s Dept. of Human Services! Good people who bring forth “official corruption” are demonized by our mainstream media. Are reporters (and elected officials) listening to officials involved in “official corruption”?  From personal experience, YES!
BDN reports ” However, his (O’Keefe) work has been assailed by critics who say O’Keefe selectively edits his videos to incite outrage and advance his agenda.”
My evidence is NOT edited, not selective. It is concrete! However, it is crystal clear that elected officials/employees come to conclusions based upon their conversations with other officials, i.e., (now former) Rep. Joshua Tardy, (now former) Sen. Lloyd LaFountain, Jonathan Wayne, Ethics Commission, (now former) Secretary of State Matt Dunlap, (now former) Attorneys General, Janet Mills, Stephen Rowe, Andrew Ketterer, Michael Carpenter, (now former Supt. Bureau of Insurance) Mila Koffman, to name a few.
BDN also reports “Last year, President Barack Obama directed federal agencies to expand auditing to recapture improper or erroneous Medicaid and Medicare payments. The administration said it could save the government as much as $2 billion over three years.”
Evidence of Medicaid fraud was brought to officials investigating fraud within the State of Maine. Apparently, there was no interest! An audit ito Medicaid expenditures in Maine is long overdue, President Obama.
You are so on target with your comment, Debby. This is just the tip of the iceburg!
Why did it take an “outsider” to get the ear of our officials?
BDN reports “Secret video hints at Medicaid fraud potential; critics say it’s ‘gotcha’ without the ‘gotcha’”
“Ben Grant, chairman of the Maine Democratic Party, called the footage a “‘gotcha’ video that doesn’t have any ‘gotcha’ in it.”

“My question is where are the adults in the Republican Party right now,” Grant said. “We have [Maine Republican Party Chairman] Charlie Webster and the Maine Heritage Policy Center manufacturing fraud to push their own ideological agendas.” (Where was (now former) Gov. John Baldacci (D) and his administration?)

“Let’s stop the nonsense,” Grant said. “There are people in this state who want to solve the real problems facing Mainers. Let’s stop the lies and misleading information and start talking about the real facts.” (THE DOCUMENTATED FACTS HAVE BEEN PROVIDED TO THIS ADMINISTRATION AND THE BALDACCI ADMINISTRATION. THE PROBLEM? THE UNRESPONSIVENESS AND OBVIOUS COVER UP BY THE GOOD OLE’ BOY NETWORK RECEIVING CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS!)

“LePage talked with reporters shortly after Thursday’s press conference. First, he said he wanted to thank the individual who recorded the video but said he wished he had received it back in February because “we’d be six months further along in fixing the problem.”

“The governor went on to say that the video showed poor customer service and poor time management on the part of the DHHS staffer.”

 “Although I do not believe the video shows an employee willfully allowing abuse of the welfare system, I do believe it is an example of how poor training can open the door to fraud and abuse,” LePage said. “We must protect the limited resources for those who are truly in need and shutdown the benefits for those abusing the system.”

“The video was produced by Project Veritas, a national group that has conducted a series of undercover investigations into Medicaid fraud across the country. The case in Maine is just one of many instances of fraud found across the country, according to Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.”

“O’Keefe refers to himself as a citizen journalist but has generated criticism for his ethically questionable tactics.”  (WHEN YOU ASK QUESTIONS, YOU GOT THEM CORNERED, THEY DESPERATELY TRY TO PUT THE SPOTLIGHT ON THE LITTLE GUY, WITH THE HELP OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, WHO IS TRYING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.)

“The Maine Heritage Policy Center, however, stood by the video and said it should motivate action from all branches of government.”

“Our system is clearly vulnerable to fraud and abuse, and we can no longer pretend these things only happen in other states,” Dutson said.”


Like the Maine Heritage Policy Center’s standing by the video, I stand by my (the state’s) documented evidence. Problems within the DHS is documented back to the 1980’s. Video tape by Tom Dunn (credentials) soon to be released. No one in Augusta is apparently interested! 



BDN reports “The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) and Americans for Prosperity-Maine (AFP) held a joint press conference in Augusta to unveil a secretly recorded interaction between a Department of Health and Human Services employee in Biddeford and Ted Ceanneidigh, who was applying for taxpayer-funded health care. The video was produced by Project Veritas, a national group that has conducted a serious of undercover investigations into Medicaid fraud. The case in Maine is just one of many instances of fraud found across the country, according to Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.”

Shocking Video Reveals Vulnerability to Fraud within Maine’s Welfare System and Press Conference Revealing Evidence of Maine Medicaid System’s Vulnerability to Fraud.

WCSH TV Channel 6 reports “The video of an actor speaking to a case worker in a Biddeford office of the state Health and Human Services Department was released Thursday.”

“Gov. Paul LePage says the video doesn’t show someone trying to defraud the system, but it points to a need for better staff training. LePage’s statement Thursday afternoon:

“I was made aware of the incident involving the Eligibility Specialist late yesterday and I did watch the video. I want to thank the individual who took this video; although I would have liked to receive in February when he filmed it and we would be six months further along in fixing the problem. I am concerned with what I saw on the video for two reasons. First, that we are not providing the best service to the citizens of Maine. Much time was wasted in this interview. Second, it was clear to me that this individual was poorly trained and I take full responsibility for that. The video in its entirety does not show a person willfully helping someone de-fraud the welfare system. It does show a need for further job knowledge and continuous and improved staff training. The employee has been on the job for approximately a year.

We need to do a better job providing our employees the best training possible and ensure they know their job and the responsibility that comes with it. The Fraud and Abuse Work Team has identified the need for better education and training of front line staff in identifying and preventing fraud and abuse. They also are working to identify systems vulnerable to fraud and abuse.

Although I do not believe the video shows an employee willfully allowing abuse of the welfare system, I do believe it is an example of how poor training can open the door to fraud and abuse. We must protect the limited resources for those who are truly in need and shutdown the benefits for those abusing the system.

I have asked Commissioner Mayhew to look into the incident immediately and to take the necessary steps to correct this problem.” ”

Notwithstanding all of the Medicaid and Medicare funds used in the abuse of the elderly and funds spent on prescription drugs NOT NEEDED, see the following links.

Letter to (now former) A.G. Janet Mills.




Documents within the above links have recently been given to heads of departments, Legislators.  ALL HAS BEEN IGNORED!  This has gone on long enough and a full investigation is warranted.
Are we to believe that the problem lies ONLY with the poor job performance, or poor training, of DHS caseworkers?
Why isn’t the State of Maine going after corporation(s), not licensed in the state (per the state’s own documents), that unlawfully received Medicaid funds?
Governor LePage MUST take this bull by the horns!
I’m asking for your help in contacting Governor Paul LaPage, why he refuses to meet with me and a demand for a full investigation. I personally met Governor LePage and he promised me a meeting with him. I cannot get by his “gatekeepers.”  Please help me to help all of you! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Paul R. LePage, Governor
State of Maine
1 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333
Fax (207)287-1034

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  1. This is only one little situation in one state department. It is just the tip of the iceberg! There have been a few in this state that has tried bringing things like this from just about EVERY state agency/department, judicial branch, legislative branch, executive branch and the court system to light for decades now and we’ve just been ignored. My question is this… why, when we, the people of Maine bring things like this and a lot worse, to our state leaders, we can’t get them to pay attention; but when an outsider from another state does, not only does the media jump on it, but the highest state officer, our governor, personally takes the time to get involved? Governor LePage, you WORK FOR US, it is WE whom you answer to, and we are sick and tired of being ignored!
    Believe you me, Mr. O’Keefe, it is not from the lack of trying on the behalf of some Mainers to make our leaders see the corruption that is rampant here in Maine in ALL tiers of our government that this hasn’t been addressed. It’s from the lack of our leaders to listen to us and take it seriously! That is, when we can even get their attention. With all the “gate keepers” (secretaries, aides and phone answerers) not letting us get even so much as a phone call back from the leader (let alone get a scheduled meeting face to face!), it’s no wonder why we can’t get things done. And when we send letters and evidence through the mail, most time, we don’t even get an answer. If we do, it’s often vague or misleading or not even something addressing the issue!
    But, if we’re lucky enough to get them cornered, like you just did, they blame someone else, or deny it like LePage did by saying that “the video [doesn’t] shows an employee willfully allowing abuse of the welfare system, I do believe it is an example of how poor training can open the door to fraud and abuse..”! Come on now, we’re not totally brain dead here, of course it showed a worker trying to aid someone to cheat the system… PERIOD! And this is our point here. When it comes to those who work for the government in ANY capacity, our state leaders help cover their a$$e$ and bury the fraud. But when it comes to the health, welfare and lives of the Maine people outside of the government, we are nothing but expendable and to be used and abused!
    Governor LePage, you have shown your TRUE COLORS here. You are NOT a governor for the people, you do NOT stand by the Constitution, you lied to get elected and you should be IMPEACHED and removed from office, along with the rest of your crooked gang up there on Capitol Hill Augusta, Maine!

  2. WOAH

  3. ive been to the governors office many times and all i get is the same answers we really cant do anything its a court matter in maine youll find illegal activity in almost every department but dhhs and the family court is the worst they lie falsify documents and back each other 100 percent the family courts and the guardian ad litums and the ombudsmans program they take children from loving homes with lies and prejudice and then try to force parents to violate their beliefs and do what the state wants them too even when parents are well within their constitutional rights this state maine needs to remove every politician in office now and every goverment employee and elect and hire all new.because that is how far the corruption has spread i see no way but to throw out the whole barrell of apples even the honest employee doesnt stand a chance they play the game and or elseso i see no way but to replace them all.

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