Senator Olympia J. Snowe

Top 100 Campaign Contributors
 Credit to the Center for Responsive Politics
Now many of us on Maine can see why Senator Snowe turned her back when we needed her help!
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  1. Olympia Snow is no more then a rhino republican who’s not there to represent the good people of Maine but to fatten her bank account and future her carrier. It’s time we not only clean out D.C. of corruption but also our own corrupt State government.

  2. I agree! Long overdue!

  3. Hi!

    Ms. Snowe behaves as if she is a Democrat as well as her colleague Ms. Collins.

    It is time for them to go.

  4. The for-profit education industry has feathered the nest of Ms. Snowe and her husband John McKernan for some time now. It’s about time justice prevailed. Does anyone wonder why Ms. Snowe did not recuse herself from the vote to allow bailout funding of Goldman Sachs in light of the fact that Goldman Sachs is principal investor in her husband’s company EDMC? I certainly do. Has anyone wondered why EDMC does not have a physical presence anywhere in Maine? Is it because this would put the true workings of EDMC schools right under the noses of the people who put these two in office?

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