“Oftentimes these days the state involves itself much earlier under the auspices of caring for people, even those who still have a responsible support network. With doctors stating these individuals need assistance, the state takes it upon themselves to appoint a Guardian ad litem – someone who is supposed to be responsible for the welfare of the individual in question. This guardian tends to be someone who makes the responsibility of guardianship their business, profiting from their court-appointed positions. The problem with this kind of court-sanctioned “control” of another individual is, it tends to give guardians too much power to protect the guardianship, for the sake of making money, rather than serving the interests of the clients, whose welfare the whole process was supposed to be about in the first place.”

“According to a recent article by the Houston Chronicle regarding a General Accounting Office (GAO) study, “Federal auditors uncovered hundreds of allegations of physical abuse and mistreatment by guardians of the elderly and disabled in 45 states … Nationwide, complaints about guardianships are common, but no one centrally tracks or investigates abuse, the GAO found.” “The GAO report states that in the 20 matters they focused on they found, “guardians stole or otherwise improperly obtained more than $5.4 million in assets from 158 incapacitated victims.”

A case that has the potential of becoming such a story is that of Carolyn Rousseau from Grants Pass, Oregon. View  “Guardians Gone Wild?”

This case, and the Yarmouth Maine case, are nightmares!  How do these “guardians” sleep at night?

When will this pattern of elder abuse cease in Oregon, Maine, New Hampshire, this country?  We have this same situation currently ongoing at a Yarmouth nursing home.  When will those in authority step up to the plate? Is a life of no value to those in authority?
Thanks to Jeannette for this update on the continued abuse of Carolyn Rousseau.
“Attached is a fax letter from Corey’s wife, Carolyn, requesting help as Nancy Doty is keeping Carolyn against her will and drugging Carolyn to keep her (Carolyn) from testifying against Doty, her attorneys, and others keeping Carolyn from her husband, Corey.

While Carolyn is kept in “Foster care” against her will, Nancy Doty is unlawfully and fraudulently conveying Carolyn’s real and personal property into Nancy Doty’s possession, without Carolyn or Corey’s consent or authorization, as claimed in Court  documents.

According to court documents and first hand witnesses, Corey and Carolyn have Federal court cases STILL PENDING AND ACTIVE naming Nancy Doty, her attorneys and  judges as defendants, but Nancy Doty and the Oregon state judge[s] are proceeding forward at state level regardless that the case[s] has been removed to federal jurisdiction pursuant to USC Title 28 § 1442-1447 where it states in part………”unless and until it is remanded back to state court state court cannot proceed forward”………….

This means that ALL ORDERS from state court, especially orders signed by a judge named as a defendant in a federal case still PENDING, are null and void with no force and effect., as state court lacks  personam and subject matter jurisdiction, therefore  has no standing,  and are subject to being in contempt of federal court and wherein Corey and Carolyn may have cause to further request for sanctions against Nancy Doty, her attorneys and any state judge that proceeded forward knowing the case is in in federal jurisdiction, pursuant to court records.

Oregon state court orders signed while Corey and Carolyn’s case(s) are in federal jurisdiction include, but not limited to;  the arrest of Corey,  theft and fraudulent conveyance to Doty of Carolyn’s car,  fraudulent conveyance of Carolyn’s  free and clear real property, theft of personal property in the premises that was  fraudulently conveyed by Nancy Doty with her attorneys aiding and abetting in the blatant fraud against Carolyn and Corey, according to witnesses and court documents.

Corey and Carolyn are  husband and wife through common  law marriage, whether or not that is recognized by Oregon is moot point as it is recognized in the eyes of God, the originator of all common law.

This ongoing legal battle is  chivalry at its’ finest. Corey is a  man who has been fighting daily for several years to protect his wife, Carolyn, against all odds and against the corruption of those  abusing their power to keep these two apart after fifteen years together.”

The “fax letter is from Carolyn, in her own writing, showing she is being drugged against her will,  to prevent her from testifying that Nancy Doty, [NANCY DOTY INC] of Portland Oregon, and her attorneys are intentionally  and fraudulently conveying Carolyn and Corey’s assets into Doty’s name, while federal court cases are still pending,  as documents on file and witnesses testimony support.”

“Numerous court files, in and on the record, and also several  documents that somehow were inadvertently removed from court files though  by unknown persons and unknown means, have been reviewed which supports all statements reported by first hand witnesses to this reporter.

Corey, through persistence and perseverance,  will continue to fight to get his wife, Carolyn, released from the talons of these corrupt vultures.

It seems the longer Nancy Doty and Oregon State Hospital keep up this charade, the more evidence supporting fraud keeps floating to the surface.

 Now, through yet another discovered document, it appears that there are over 3,500 unclaimed canisters containing cremated remains of former patients being  held  at Oregon State Hospital.

One wonders,  why did did  so numerous patients die in the first place?

How did all those patients die?  Why were the patients  remains cremated, was it to hide evidence of questionable medical ethics violations?

If 3,500 patients cremated remains are UNCLAIMED, could it be that there are 3,500 OTHER  families out there who have also been fighting to get their family members back but were kept from knowing where that family member was secretly kept?

Were all  these 3.500 patients all intentionally cremated to dispose of  heinous activity preformed at Oregon State Hospital?                                                                                                                                                                                                            
How many other State Hospitals are doing the same and how many unclaimed canisters of family members are secretly stored in the dungeons of these “State Hospitals” that may be preforming Dr. Josef Mengele type experiments in America?

If these patients remains have not been claimed, then is Oregon State Hospital claiming the Social Security and Death Benefits of these individuals, to date?

Has Oregon State Hospital tapped into  other Federal Reserve and US Treasury Accounts in these patients [upper case] names set up through the past approximately  two hundred years  by the International Banks and is Oregon State Hospital  investing these funds without the family members knowledge or consent?

Hopefully by exposing Carolyn’s’ personal handwritten letter that she is being drugged against her will and in fear for her life, supported by other evidence not yet released pending the Federal Cases, others who may have been looking for their family members may now be able to find them, in a canister, in the dark ,cold, lonely dungeon, at Oregon State Hospital, with 3,499 other John and Jane Does’.”

Oregon State Hospital leader resigns; state releases report on patient’s death.

Of interest, and related, see this New Hampshire story.Baby bones mystery: Case still unsolved 25 years later.” Twenty five years have passed since a Somersworth couple cracked open the lock on an old Steamer trunk left with them in the 1960s and found the decomposed remains of five infants. With that discovery came a police investigation into a case that remains unsolved today.”

Why is it that when the little guy seeks truth and justice, he (she) is determined “incompetent” or has “mental problems?”  With the ongoing abuses, brutalities and atrocities being perpetrated against people by officials/caretakers, it begs an answer to the question “who is really incompentent or mentally ill?


“Judge Gone Wild?” “Carolyn Rousseau has officially been stripped of everything; her friends; her family; her home. In a country whose Constitution mandates, in part, that the People be “…secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects …”, the pillaging of the helpless appears to be underway. You see, those who are deemed by a court of law to be incompetent aren’t afforded rights, or at least that’s how it appears in court-appointed guardian cases.” “Here is a woman who is being held by the state as mentally ill, and therefore incompetent, and the judge determines she is competent enough to understand the workings of the court, but not competent enough to make her own health and financial choices!”

The point of this article is that we have one woman who is being held by the system against her will in a Yarmouth nursing home, facing the same situation and our officials are allowing it. Taking advantage of the elderly, and the taxpayers, is big business for the DHS. It’s a travesty of justice when the courts and elected officials rubber-stamp the abuse and thievery! It’s a public scandal when elected officials participate in the bilking of its citizens and shield the vultures in their administration.

Attention was brought to (now former governor) John Baldacci, (and U.S. Senators Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, (now former A.G.) Stephen Rowe) on May 13, 2003 and May 21, 2003 regarding DHS……nothing was done and the offer ignored! I retract, DHS Commissioner Kevin Concannon left his position. A few days later, Mr. Gessow left his position and followed Concannon to Iowa. Evidence warrants a full investigation into the Maine and New Hampshire Departments of Human Services!

Not only are the elderly deemed incompetent or mentally ill. These labels are used against good people who question or bring forth governmental corruption to those in authority. It’s a good “tool” used by officials to take the “spotlight” off themselves. Such was the Bill Miller case in New Hampshire. He left documents at the Farmington Town Hall, with the clerk, and asked that the resignation of Farmington Police Chief, Scott Roberge, be brought before the Board of Selectmen. Two days later he was falsely arrested for threatening the Chief. The Chief did not file a complaint. Billy was placed at the Strafford County Jail in the “booking department” and stayed there for 17 days where he was administered mind-altering drugs. He was deemed incompetent and placed into the state’s mental hospital where the drugging continued. One year and 8 months later, Billy was found “NOT GUILTY.”

See also e-mail to former Governor John Baldacci from a State Representative. The name blacked out to prevent retaliation against this person.

Isn’t “an attack against one of us and attack against all of us?”


”Guardians Gone Wild? State-sanctioned thievery at its sickest” by Ron Lee, Investigative Journalist echos of the ongoing elder abuse in Maine.

The GAO report states “guardians stole or otherwise improperly obtained more than $5.4 million in assets from 158 incapacitated victims” and Maine “is not untouched by this rampant pilfering of incapacitated peoples’ assets.” This is not an exception, it’s the norm.

Despite Maine’s attempts to convince the public that it will protect the elderly from crimes and abuse, elder abuse in Maine marches on. The Committees, Public Hearings and Study Groups are as phoney as the officials who have served on these forums.

I am aware and have personal knowledge of a current case of elder abuse ongoing at a nursing home in Yarmouth. The elderly mother is being held against her will, is being drugged and the daughter has been denied her right to see her own mother! The DHS has entered the picture and has taken “custody” of the mother. This is outrageous! The mother wants to return to her home, the daughter had home health care in place and the interference by DHS has created a horrific nightmare for this family. There are attempts to “take” the mother’s home. Nursing home officials are angry because the daughter took pictures of the mother.

As with the Carolyn Rousseau case, the level of Maine’s involvement, “especially that of the current court-appointed guardian, is most definitely suspect.” The DHS’s “continual commitment means a paycheck through the pilfering and sell-off” of this woman’s home. Justice, compassion and healing aren’t the reasons they are holding this woman hostage. Not one official in this state would assist the daughter with this most serious matter. Yet, when something happens to them or their loved ones, how quickly action is taken and individuals held accountable!

I can personally relate to the nightmare this daughter faces. My mother was held against her will, tied to a bed, so heavily sedated that she did not awaken for weeks. After Private Investigator Phil Castora took pictures of my mother, hospital staff tried to confiscate his camera and film, to no avail. I fought the “guardian” scheme and the attempts to steal my mother’s home, but the theft  of her home eventually happened with the help of City of Biddeford officials, behind closed doors.

I fought elder abuse in the State of Maine for years. In 1996 York County District Attorney Michael Cantara was appointed to a Study Group on prosecution of crimes against the elderly. In October 1996 I attended a Public Hearing headed by Attorney Cantara in which I presented numerous issues involving crimes against the elderly. No action was taken by him, by legislators, the Attorney General, nor the Governor. Michael Cantara’s interest was climbing the political ladder. In 2003 Governor John Baldacci nominated him for Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety. He was then elevated to the bench and sits in the York County courts.

Our persistance and determination did result in a meeting with Asst. A.G. Paul Gauvreau in 1998. However, the meeting yielded no action. Of the numerous legislators contacted, Senator Judy Paradis spoke with Paul Gauvreau and accepted his decision to cover up these abuses, atrocities and brutalities.

Elder abuse is but one layer of the onion. Holding the elderly hostage for life-long “care” in nursing homes, placing restrictions on peoples’ lives, isolating them from years of friendships and familiar surroundings, stealing their homes and forever changing their lives is a PUBLIC SCANDAL!

These are facts the public deserves to know, as well as the threats against decent, honest and law-abiding citizens by (former) Attorney General Andrew Ketterer. Contrary to David Lauren, Esq. no investigation was ever conducted on any matter brought to Maine’s Attorney General(s).

If things don’t change in Augusta, Baby Boomers Beware!


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  1. Hi!

    How about contacting the current administration
    regarding the elderly at the Yarmouth nursing
    home? It is worth a shot.

    Additionally, I think the daughter should expose this by going public such as creating a website or blog and share the details of the case. Contact newspapers and see if she can find other people who are experiencing a similar situation.

    No name was given and no specific details were provided pertaining to the above-mentioned.

    My 85 year old father (his problem is dementia) is currently in a nursing home but I have had no problems with his care, and I watch carefully.

    Thank you!

  2. The ONLY reason why the little guy who seeks justice and finds these crimes while seeking it is called incompetent or mentally ill is because s/he can shine a spotlight onto these creeps and their crimes and bring it out from the dark corners for all to see!

  3. It’s so obvious! These officials are just “empty shells”, no soul, no heart, no conscience….wearing a mask! And they wonder why people are angry? Quite the leadership!

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