Still Waiting Elizabeth Mitchell!

Current President of the Maine Senate, Elizabeth Mitchell, is a gubernatorial candidate in the upcoming 2010 November election. “Mainers want a governor who has an open conversation with them about the issues facing our state. They don’t want a candidate who ducks debates and hides from questions,” Arden Manning, the Democrats Victory 2010 campaign manager. See article here.

Elizabeth Mitchell has “ducked” issues since her tenure as Speaker of the House in 1996 and shielded (then former A.G.) Andrew Ketterer’s blatant disregard for the law and violations of rights against individuals of the state of Maine. As a representative of the people of Maine, her unresponsiveness continues today. The State of Maine, and its people, cannot move forward unless, and until, the necessary steps are taken to rectify the fraud, waste and abuse being perpetrated at the expense of honest, decent, and hardworking people of Maine. I’m STILL waiting for a response to my most recent letter sent on November 22, 2009. I did not receive a response from her, from Speaker of the House, Rep. Hannah Pingree nor others who were copied.
See my letter to Libby Mitchell here.

Are officials refusing to review documented evidence of Medicaid fraud because the recipient of said funds is a campaign contributor? This matter was first brought to (former congressman) John Baldacci in 2002.

Why are my requests to view documents in the Biddeford Community Development Office pertaining to HUD funds awarded to Tim Q. Ly denied? Biddeford City Councilor Bob Mills claims that I cannot see these financial statements because this “comes under the Privacy Act.” Mills conveniently sits on the council and is (was) Manager of Maine-Ly Realty LLC owned by Tim Q. Ly, two individuals who conspired “behind closed doors” with Biddeford City officials to steal my home….and Bob Mills lives in MY home! Birds of a feather……

I would appreciate your help in lighting a fire under Libby Mitchell to get her to respond to my correspondence. We all deserve an answer!

Connect the dots to the pattern of official corruption. See Categories: City of Biddeford, Governor John Baldacci.

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