LIVE NOW – Oversight of the FBI and DOJ Actions in Advance of the 2016 Election

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LIVE NOW – Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Examining the Inspector General’s First Report on Justice Department and FBI”

Chairman Chuck Grassley leads a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Examining the Inspector General’s First Report on Justice Department and FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation Actions in Advance of the 2016 Presidential Election.” The Justice Department’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, and the FBI Director, Christopher Wray, will serve as witnesses.

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Every Day Was Father’s Day

Courtesy of Dorothy Lafortune

I don’t need “Father’s Day” to remember my Dad. Since his wrongful death in 1985, I think of him day and night. My cherished memories, however, are mingled with the pain and heartache endured by my mother as she tirelessly, relentlessly pursued to “unseal” her wrongful death claim in York County (ME) Superior Court, to no avail…it’s called Maine Justice!

My wish on this day is for closure and justice in the wrongful death of my Dad.

Wishing all Dads a Happy Father’s Day


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DOJ INSPECTOR GENERAL’S REPORT – A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election

June 16, 2018

Sean Hannity, IG report is sadly a ‘swamp document’, view HERE.

Inspector General Horowitz “did not find that bias impacted the FBI investigation.” (6:29)

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June 4, 2018

View HERE.

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United We Stand…Divided We Fall

Worth a view and pondering….

“The Age of Deceit and Fanatacism”, view HERE.

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The Silence Is Deafening

June 8, 2018

Do you think that Governor LePage has finally listened to you, Phil Merletti?  Otherwise, why didn’t he come out with this weeks ago?

Thank you Governor LePage for taking action and responding to the RCV issue when all others contacted failed to do so.

On June 5, 2018 Governor Paul R. LePage sent a letter to Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap to express his disappointment with the lack of clarity and the misleading nature of the wording of recent referendum questions. “The ballot question for ranked choice voting should have been worded clearly and directly,” stated Governor LePage. “It might take a bit more time, but it can be done. If doing so would have required a longer question broken into clear, understandable sections, then that is how it should have been written. The statute requires that the Secretary of State word the ‘question in a simple, clear, concise and direct manner that describes the subject matter.’ The statute does not privilege brevity over clarity.”

Press Release

Letter to Secretary of State Dunlap

June 4, 2018

Maine 2018 Primary Election is right around the corner. Knowing where candidates stand on issues is vital to every voter.

Candidates vow to represent every Mainer. However, can you believe this “promise?” If candidates refuse to respond to people’s requests, will they listen when elected? Or will it be more of the same?

Why do candidates have campaign offices with someone tending the phone, yet don’t answer calls nor return calls? This is “quite telling.”

Below is an e-mail sent to Republican candidates who have failed to respond. Failure to respond to such a simple, yet important, request is quite alarming!

Phil Merletti

to Garrett, Lauren, zach

Hi Garrett, Mary & Shawn:

I and other associates have tried to get prime time to meet with you for many months; for the purpose of vetting you on your commitment to the U.S. & Maine Constitutions. We have obviously been ignored. We represent many Maine people that support and are willing to continue to defend the Constitution’s from foreign and domestic enemies. We are continually asked if you have responded to our request and we have to tell them the truth. Many Governors and legislators and other public/civil servants do not understand our commitment to these Supreme Laws. The reason why we are so adamant in our commitment to these sacred documents is, when they are followed, we are GUARANTEED our protections of our GOD given, natural, unalienable rights.

Because you have continually ignored our request, I was asked to create a platform that will stop the destruction and begin the return of a Constitutional Government for the people of Maine. You will find two attainments, one to address those who responded to a request of targeted actions that would support the nest Constitutional Governor, if they wished to return to the U.S. & Maine Constitutions and the finalized “Platform”.

We need to know if you would be willing to sign this Governor’s Platform before the Primary? If any of you are willing to bring back the Maine Constitution to the Maine Government and to the Maine people; we will at that point put out the alert and give you the credit for your patriotism. You may print your name on the pledge and email it back, as long as you give your word/verbal confirmation to physically sign next time we meet; or you may make a copy and send to Phil Merletti, 124 Thomas hill Road, Lee Maine, 04455.

If you have any questions, you may call me at 738-4861
Thankx, phil merletti, Spokesperson, Take American Back

Governor’s Platform

Governors platform and explanation

Another issue facing this election is Rank Choice Voting (RCV). Following the same pattern of unresponsiveness of candidates are the offices of Secretary of State, Attorney General and Governor.

Below is an e-mail sent to SOS Matt Dunlap, A.G. Janet Mills (gubernatorial candidate), Governor Paul LePage, state legislators and numerous media outlets who have also failed to respond. This, also, is quite alarming!

Dear Matt:

Pleas find attachment “Revisor of Statutes”. Please, read the entire attachment, especially re-read the area in red. I and many of our researchers knew of this Statute, but it took until now to locate the exact language that mandates the language for “ALL” questions for the electors decide their choice on “ALL” Referendum Questions”.

Apparently, you and Janet Mills either did not know, or one or both of you ignored this statute/mandate. How could this happen, as both of you are Constitutional Officers. As I have mentioned to you more than once, these Constitutional positions are paramount to Maine’s Government and require the highest degree of knowledge in order to properly carry out and perform your positions. You or Ms. Mills can no longer deny that you have sworn to uphold, to the best, of your ability to support the Maine and U.S. Constitutions. Do you remember when you gave your sacred OATH’s. I know you gave these sacred OATH’s, because I and many others witness your confirmation and promise to the Maine people (this was also done before the eyes of GOD).

Now to the point, for the sake of the Maine People and its Government, you and ms. Mills can fix what you did, but you must admit to the mistake and act quickly, before the primary election. You and the Attorney General and the Governor can call a foul, based on the fact that the results of the election will be repugnant to the Constitution Fact: the original referendum affected an established president to the people’s right to vote (a century and a half) and because this current vote will not afford an educated vote based on a true outcome, which in effect, is truly unconstitutional. As this referendum question is REPUGNANT to the Maine Constitution and it violates the Maine Statutes, it will effect the next Governors ability to execute and enforce Maine’s laws. Based on my constitutional knowledge, I would suggest that you, Ms. Mills and Governor LePage make a command decisions and declare question 1 REPUGNANT. This will cease any further action and prevent the vote on question 1, until you can find someone that can write a simple Referendum question. For example: Do you want to retain the Rank Choice Voting system? Yes or No!

Your friend, Phil Merletti, Spokesperson, Take America Back.

The RCV issue needs more clarification. People are confused about this. Fixing it “after the fact” is wrong. A gubernatorial candidate involved in the wording is a conflict of interest and also leaves an impression of impropriety. Press Releases for (May 18th) “The Department of the Secretary of State, in collaboration with the attorney general, prepared the guide as an unbiased and non-partisan review of the People’s Veto question that voters will consider at the polls this June.”

It’s imperative that the public know there are people attempting to seek answers from candidates who have chosen to remain silent.

Will Augusta history repeat itself?

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“BEHIND THE CURTAIN”…..Maine Gubernatorial Candidate Janet Mills and Former Governor Joe Brennan

“BEHIND THE CURTAIN”…..Corruption in Maine has been ongoing for years…..and continues today. Folks, please view this most powerful video…/most-powerful-revea…/

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, text

“I’m deeply honored to have the endorsement of former Attorney General and Governor of Maine, Joe Brennan.

“On issues from expanding healthcare coverage to environmental protection, Janet has always stood to protect the vulnerable and temper the powerful.

Just as important, among the Democratic candidates for Governor, only Janet Mills has shown the ability to win elections north of Portland. Janet has won majority votes in her four District Attorney general elections and in four legislative elections, all in Maine’s Second Congressional district. Janet Mills clearly has shown she can win the Blaine House.

A lifelong Democrat, a founder of the Maine Women’s Lobby, a person known and respected in all corners of Maine, Janet Mills will lead Maine with character, compassion and dignity.“

– Former Governor Joe Brennan


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Does “Chain Migration” Equate To “Chinese Whispers” Game?

Does “chain migration” equate to “Chinese Whispers” game where officials whisper in the ear of a colleague to discredit people exposing the truth?

“Chinese Whispers” game where a bunch of people sit in a circle and the first person whispers a secret into the ear of the person on one side, they whisper it to the next, and it goes around the circle, only to end up being an entirely different secret?

“Chain migration” occurs when immigrants enter the U.S. through sponsorship from family members already settled in the country. Relatives are able to apply for visas through this system.

They both use others to achieve their own goals!

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Is Chris Christie Looking For Another Way Into The White House?

FastCompany reports “Chris Christie blocks release of his office’s emails with Jared Kushner’s company”
“The former Trump transition chief and New Jersey governor is blocking the request for copies of correspondence with Kushner’s real estate company.”

“MapLight is a nonprofit organization that reveals the influence of money in politics.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is blocking requests for copies of his office’s correspondence with the real estate company previously managed by Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law.

Christie, whose eight-year administration spent almost $1 million battling to keep public records secret, issued a letter in his last week in Trenton that declared any requests involving his office’s electronic records would be handled by his private lawyer, rather than by state employees.

“The governor can’t just issue a letter and make everything nonpublic,” said Walter Luers, a Clinton, N.J., lawyer and expert in the state’s Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

Kushner’s real estate company benefited financially from Christie’s administration. Late last year, Christie’s appointees at the New Jersey Economic Development Authority reauthorized a $33 million tax credit to the Kushner Companies’ struggling One Journal Square Project.” Read more HERE.

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Charlotte Iserbyt Interview On Rense Radio Monday, May 28, 2018, Memorial Day, 10 p.m. EST

Monday, May 28, 2018
10:00 pm EST

7:00 p.m. Pacific

Listen HERE.

American Judicial System On Life Support

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