AROOSTOOK WATCHMEN – Eulogy of the American Republic

July 4, 2015

Listen here.

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Overview of Ongoing Sexual Abuse Crisis in Maine, in Particular, Biddeford, Maine

“This video is my attempt to provide a 20 minute overview of the ongoing sexual abuse crisis in Maine, particularly in Biddeford. My hope is that this factual overview helps anyone interested get a high level understanding of what has happened in the past and what it happening now.”
– Matt Lauzon

View HERE.


Biddeford (ME) Police Department Exposed! Click here.

City of Biddeford (ME): Attorney Gene Libby’s Statements…Quite The Revelation! Click here.

Ready. Aim. Fire with host Andrew Ready:

Episode 1 – Child Sexual Abuse… Biddeford, etc. Click here.

Episode 2 – John Drake re: Dodd, Biddeford, more! Click here.

Episode 3 – Mr. Rick Alexander re: Teflon Dodd, Biddeford, abuse, etc. Click here.

New Hampshire – State Of Corruption…Moving Into Position With Mike Gill

View video HERE.

Read more HERE.


“Play For Pay”. View HERE.

New Hampshire Corruption Further Exposed On GrokTALK With Guest Mike Gill, click here.

Is There More Behind New Hampshire Corruption? Click here.


Celebrate the 4th of July every day this week by non-stop calling your Senators (202-225-3121) and telling them to vote “NO” on Republican Senator Lamar Alexander’s S. 1177.

Be a part of a New American Revolution to restore the guarantees contained in our precious Constitution, the guarantees many men and women have died for in foreign wars!


This is the most important week for our nation.
Whatever freedoms are left are hanging by a thread.

Only YOU can save America. SPREAD THIS ALERT FAR AND WIDE!!!

Read more HERE.

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Why Is It When Things Get “Hot” In Biddeford….City Managers Get “Cold” Feet?

Bruce Benway

PPh reports “The Biddeford City Council is expected to vote Tuesday to appoint a new city manager. John Bubier is stepping down after leading the city for a decade. Bubier will continue to work part time for the city on economic development projects.

The Personnel Committee – composed of city councilors John McCurry, Roger Hurtubise, Michael Ready and Stephen St. Cyr – reviewed the resumes of applicants and conducted six interviews with prospective managers, Casavant said.

Casavant did not know how many people applied for the position, but said many applicants lacked the city manager experience the council was seeking.

Read more HERE.

Bubier “will continue to work part time for the city on economic development projects”….as in Biddeford Commmity Development Office? He had a duty to look into the operations of the City of Biddeford HUD Office Coordinator, Linda Hardacker. View more HERE.

There has been a smell in the HUD office and the Tax Assessors Office that needs “fumigating” before he leaves office.

Something to ponder…

Bruce E. Benway, city manager, Biddeford, ME, 1994–2003. When things got hot, he resigned his position and became town manager, Killingly, CT, 2004–14.

Norwichbulletin reports “Killingly town manager, Bruce Benway, to resign. Read more HERE.

Killingly town manager to retire, view HERE.

Mr. Benway recently became a senior consultant with MRI and is currently on assignment as the Interim Town Manager in Berwick ME. Read more HERE.

Is this a “shoe in” for Benway to come back….like Attorney Harry Center?

Are the chickens coming home to roost?

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June 30, 2015

PPH reports “Biddeford council hires James Bennett as city manager. In a unanimous vote, the council hired James Bennett to replace John Bubier, who is stepping down after leading the city for the past decade. Bubier will continue to work 30 hours per week for the city on economic development projects.

A Lisbon native, Bennett was first elected as a selectman in Lisbon at age 21. Bubier, the outgoing Biddeford manager, was the town manager in Lisbon at the time and encouraged Bennett to pursue a career in municipal management.

Bennett was town manager in Old Orchard Beach from 1990 to 1997 before leaving to become city administrator in Westbrook for five years. He served as city administrator in Lewiston from 2002 to 2009. He has been city manager in Presque Isle since 2010.

He begins Aug. 17 and will be paid at an annual rate of $117,000 for his first six months on the job and at a rate of $121,000 a year thereafter. As city manager, Bubier was paid $128,000 a year. He will earn $75,000 a year in his newly created job in economic development.” Read more HERE.


Still keep an eye out for the bad “eggs.” They know somebody too!

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Ready. Aim. Fire: Mr. Rick Alexander re: Teflon Dodd, Biddeford, abuse, etc.

JUNE 28, 2015

With host Andrew Ready…

In episode #3 of Ready.Aim.Fire, Mr. Rick Alexander joins Andrew Ready in the South Portland Drake’s Island studio for some honest, compelling discussion about his (alleged, but it happened) abuse by former Biddeford Police Officer Stephen Dodd. This podcast is raw with almost no post-production. We started talking and went with it. Enjoy.
I hope the audio level is OK and I appreciate everyone who has tuned in. This is a rewarding work in progress. See you next time, folks.

***Warning: Uncensored talk-casting. Not for the faint at heart or for those folks with their heads in the sand.

Listen HERE.

Ready. Aim. Fire!

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TPP will plunge America’s economy to the same level as Mexico’s.

The end result of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) passed by a traitorous Congress will be to reduce America to a third world wasteland on par with Mexico where the median household income is $4,500.

View HERE.

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Every Child Achieves Act Scheduled for Debate: Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) scheduled S. 1177, the Every Child Achieves Act, for floor debate on July 7. The Senate is expected to convene at 2:30 p.m. for consideration.

Read more HERE.

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New Hampshire Corruption Further Exposed On GrokTALK With Guest Mike Gill

“This is a very important radio show I was on that you really need to listen to. George Lambert was in attendance as well, and neither of us knew the other would be there. The Corrupt have been very busy since our video “Play For Pay”. I told you that video would have a dramatic impact, and it has. Please listen to this interview.” Mike Gill

Listen HERE.

Read more HERE.

Also view “Play For Pay”. HERE.
“Please don’t miss the opportunity this video comes with. It is Absolute proof of the corruption in the courts that are controlled by the law firms and Politicians that come from them, and the politicians that control the state agencies. This video will not only show corruption in New Hampshire, but also Massachusetts in their courts, and right into Pennsylvania, with evidence that there is an FBI cover up protecting the criminals from Penn National, and the politicians that they control.” Mike Gill

Mike gives “pieces” of the corrupt puzzle and talks about how the “corrupt” get state jobs.

Let’s add pieces to the official corruption “puzzle.”

Attorney John Kacavas was asked to defend Bill Miller in a false charge against him involving Farmington Police Chief Scott Roberge. Kacavas accepted a $5,000 retainer, but then changed his mind. Shortly thereafter, he landed a job in the U.S. Attorneys Office, replacing Thomas Collantuono who covered up a criminal complaint to his office regarding the cover up of criminal activity by law enforcement agencies/officials in New Hampshire. Read more HERE.

John P. Kacavas U.S. Attorney For New Hampshire resigns, click here.

Kelly Ayotte, during her tenure as Attorney General, covered up official corruption within the Farmington Police Department. Read more HERE.

Following the same pattern as John Kacavas, former N.H. U.S.A.G. Thomas Paul Colantuono “covered” for Kelly Ayotte. Read more HERE.

When Farmington Police Chief Scott Roberge retired in 2012, Officer Kevin Willey was appointed Police Chief. In April 2014, Willey retired “after getting offer too good to refuse.” Read more HERE.  Anyone know what “the offer” was?

Sgt. Scott Ferguson, deeply involved in the Farmington P.D. corruption and cover ups, resigned from the department and it’s reported that “Ferguson left to begin a career with the state Liquor Commission. ” Read more HERE.

The “players” in Mike Gill’s revelations are the same players in this case of official corruption in New Hampshire!

Does this ring a bell with Mainers?

Alex Jones: Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating

“Alex makes an urgent message concerning the severity of the current global climate. Insider information pointed directly towards global financial meltdown and global war.”

View video HERE.

Read more HERE.

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