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Sheriff Richard Mack Calls Out Glenn Beck Over His Handling Of Bundy Ranch

Published on Apr 18, 2014

View (4:08) HERE.

Related: Published on Apr 18, 2014

After Reid declared Bundy supporters as Domestic Terrorists, Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas is now accusing President Obama of illegal actions in the wake of the standoff at the Bundy Ranch. View HERE.


Source: NextNewsNetwork

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Former Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Michael Badnarik joins Gary Franchi to discuss the Bundy Ranch Federal Standoff

Published on Apr 17, 2014

“Former Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Michael Badnarik joins Gary Franchi to discuss the Bundy Ranch Federal Standoff and analyze the Nevada Constitution’s wording that may surprise you.”

Bundy Ranch: The Nevada Constitution and Neo-Slavery, View (6:04) HERE.

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Maine Legislators/All Elected Officials…please listen and learn from this message – BUNDY RANCH: Meet the Coalition

Source: NextNewsNetwork

Published on Apr 17, 2014
“Meet the Coalition of Western States Legislators formed in reponse to the Bundy Ranch Standoff.”

View HERE.

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Bundy Ranch…Follow The Money

Published on Apr 16, 2014

Gary Franchi reporting for the Next News Network:

“Since the Bundy Ranch story broke last week and culminated in a tense standoff with Federal agents on Saturday resulting in the release of the Bundy Ranch cattle we have been following the money. On the 10th we reported the Militia arrived in the area and cited a former BLM volunteer and Nevada Land Broker who revealed to us the true value of the land and the parties interested in it. In our on-going investigation into the money behind the Bundy Ranch Land Grab we present former BLM Volunteer Rusty Hill’s Records Research detailing his first hand experience in the Bunkerville area, its value to the Military Industrial complex – and most notably the corporations that bear Harry Reid’s own name in Bunkerville,- bordering USA lands and the Bundy Ranch.

So why do they want this land? Water, access to land, privacy and mineral rights – notably Magnesium Dolomite with one of its military applications as solid rocket fuel found in Tomahawk cruise missiles – friends it is much more than Chinese solar power.

In this investigation we provide the historical context to the lands around the Bundy Ranch, the mineral value of the land and it’s application in weapons manufacturing.

But here is where it get’s interesting. Using the public records from Clark County we disclose irregularities and anomalies in the public record of the sale prices of land surrounding the Bundy Ranch owned by the BLM, Cedar Development Corp, Zion Bank Corp, Bunkerville Compound LLC, AND Reid Bunkerville LLC who you will discover “paid nothing for the land”

This research reveals the highly suspicious activity surrounding the Bureau of land management, Cedar Development Corp, Zion Bank Corp and Reid Bunkerville LLC.

Due to the use of government force to remove Bundy “trespass cattle” and the lands that Reid Bunkerville LLC received at ZERO cost we can draw a line to their desire to run him off his land for their own gain – an American whose family settled that land over 100 years ago.

It’s time for a congressional investigation.”

Bundy Ranch: The Land and its Masters Revealed, view HERE.

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Sheriff Mack Speaking at Press Conference at Bundy Ranch post-BLM-standoff

Published on Apr 15, 2014

“Sheriff Mack, CSPOA speaking at Press Conference at Bundy Ranch post-BLM-standoff. Calls out sheriffs, bureaucrats and politicians.” 4/14/14

View HERE.

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Bundy Ranch: We Came Risking Never Coming Home – Interview With Jerry DeLemus From Rochester, NH

Published on Apr 15, 2014

“In this Next News exclusive Stewart Rhodes speaks to one of the Marine Veterans who traveled a great distance to defend the Bundy Ranch from Federal Tyranny.”

View HERE.

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Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education Discs

Please forward Charlotte Iserbyt’s videotaped presentation to your lists.

The 8 dvd/1cd (written submissions) boxed disc set is available at for $39.95.


Charlotte Iserbyt – How We Got Here – Disc 1, HERE

Cindi Weatherly – Behind The Conservative Curtain – Disc 1, HERE.

Polly Anglin – The Trojan Horse of Charter Schools – Disc 1, HERE

Donna -Education’s Role in Coming World Economy – Disc 2, HERE

Bettina Dobbs – The Golden GEM Years: A Retrospective Disc 2, HERE

Debra Niwa – The International Baccalaureate Unraveled – Disc 2, HERE

Patrick Huff: The Prison of the Accountability System – Disc 2, HERE

Mary Thompson-Created Classroom Chaos to Cyber Conditioning Disc 2, HERE

Jane Aitken, Teacher -The Agenda of the Public Schools Disc 3, HERE

Samuel Blumenfeld- Making Americans Illiterate Disc 3, HERE

Rosa Koire: Behind the Green Mask…UN Agenda 21 – Disc 4, HERE

Jeannie Georges – Brain Research – Disc 5, HERE

Kelleigh Nelson – False Friends on the Right – Disc 5, HERE

Cherilyn Eagar – Academic Action Plan -Disc 6, HERE

Roundtable Discussion – Conference 2 – Disk 7, HERE

Anita Hoge – The End Game of Assessment, HERE

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education 

To order the updated abridged 2011 version  of  “the deliberate dumbing down of america”, it is available from 3D Research at

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Outrageous: Public Schools Recruiting Illegals To Teach Your Children

“Denver public schools are seeking formerly undocumented immigrants in partnering with a program called “Teach For America.” Attorney David Schwartz talks to Fox News about this controversial move.” View HERE.

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“Siemens Performance Contracts abound in Maine, and for good reason, they make the company millions.”

April 14, 2014
By Editor

FalmouthToday reports “Sources report that Siemens has an inside track on a series of contracts involving MILLIONS OF TAXPAYERS DOLLARS going overseas never to be seen in Maine again.

Spending tax dollars by incompetent managers all over the state lends itself to a level of waste FTM didn’t think was possible. Not a few dollars per contact, but millions of dollars being wasted all over the state, possibly in violation of State law.

Read below to get a taste of what local contractors have to live with trying to do business with local school boards and towns headed by the likes of Dan O’Shea and Barbara Powers. Be sure to read the email from the Siemens rep to Powers. Did someone say insider? How did the Falmouth Library fall into the clutches of Siemens? We’ll never know because the Library isn’t subject to FOAA requests because they aren’t a government agency. That doesn’t mean they weren’t screwed using our tax dollars and the contributions to the building fund.


Read more HERE.

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