Maine Governor Joseph E. Brennan Archives To Be Dedicated In Portland

PPH reports “The newly created Governor Joseph E. Brennan Archives will be dedicated Wednesday evening during a ceremony at the Maine Irish Heritage Center, 34 Gray St., in Portland.

Brennan, 82, served as Maine’s 70th governor from 1979 to 1987.

Members of the Brennan Archives Committee have spent the past three years compiling more than 60 hours of filmed interviews with former staffers, colleagues, friends, family members, and state officials recalling Brennan’s long public service career.

The Brennan Archives will feature more than 144 television clips and stories about Brennan, digitized for the first time.

The archives will be stored at the Maine Irish Heritage Center, which is on the corner of Gray and State streets. They will be available to the public.

“We wanted scholars, researchers and visitors to the Archives to see and hear firsthand from those who worked with Governor Brennan what was accomplished from 1979 to 1987, how it was accomplished….”

“The interviews are fascinating and remind us of all that was accomplished during the Brennan years….”  Read more HERE.

For the sake of fairness to the public…. A MOST POWERFUL, REVEALING VIDEO BY TOM DUNN should be included in these archives during Governor Brennan’s tenure as Governor. View video HERE.


Tom Dunn credentials

Bridge 1

Bridge 2

Bridge 3

DOT Chief Resigns

Tom’s Summary – Brennan Criminal Legacy

Bus Trip To DC

Brennan timeline

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New Jersey “Bridgegate” Trial Begins Tomorrow

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Game day for Bridgegate trial: How did we get here?

“The orange traffic cones went up just before 6 a.m.

Three days earlier, David Wildstein—then one of the ranking New Jersey officials at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey—had ordered the general manager of the George Washington Bridge, with little explanation, to cut the number of toll lanes dedicated to traffic from Fort Lee from three to one.

It was supposedly part of a traffic study.

“I was told not to discuss this with anyone,” Robert Durando would later tell a legislative committee trying to get to the bottom of the unannounced lane closures at the world’s busiest bridge—causing massive traffic jams in Fort Lee in September 2013, in what many then already suspected was an act of political retaliation.

Nearly three years later, Durando is likely to be among the first Port Authority witnesses called to testify, as trial opens this week in the so-called Bridgegate scandal, charging two former members of Gov. Chris Christie’s inner circle with illegally using the Hudson River span to play a game of political hardball.

The trial, which opens in federal court in Newark on Monday, ostensibly is focused on William Baroni, who served as deputy executive director of the Port Authority, and Bridget Anne Kelly, who was the governor’s deputy chief of staff. Wildstein has already pleaded guilty and is expected to be a star prosecution witness.

But with a cast of characters that includes a string of higher-ups going all the way to the governor’s office, in a narrative that played out against the backdrop of Christie’s failed presidential race, it is as much political theater as courtroom drama. While not charged or accused of any wrongdoing, Christie remains at its center of the story, even now, long after his hopes for the presidency crashed and burned in New Hampshire.

‘Time for some traffic problems…’
The plan to shut the lanes at the George Washington Bridge, say prosecutors, was put in play after Kelly spoke to Matt Mowers, then a campaign staffer, and got the final word: Sokolich was not going to endorse. According to the indictment, she reached out the next day to Wildstein on Aug. 13, 2013, with a message that to many represents the clearest evidence the lane diversions at the bridge were an act of political retribution.

“Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” she wrote.

“Got it,” he replied.

A state legislative inquiry was soon launched over growing suspicions that the scheme had been politically motivated to cause havoc in Fort Lee, quickly sparking a separate federal probe.

Prosecutors, following a 16-month investigation, ultimately charged Baroni and Kelly with conspiracy and fraud. Wildstein pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the government.”

Read more HERE.

Bridgegate jury selection begins: A timeline of events. Read more HERE.

The Bridgegate scandal, Christie’s white whale, will smash his career to pieces By Tom Moran | Star-Ledger Editorial Board. Read HERE.


We will be keeping an eye on this case. The time frame of events, e-mails, etc. coincide with requests, e-mails for an investigation into Bergen County and Fort Lee, N.J. New Jersey officials’ original claim for the lane closures was due to a “traffic study” which later revealed there was no such study. Bill Baroni’s Bridgegate testimony: the traffic study story begins to fall apart. The current claim is many suspect this scheme was an act of political retaliation against the Mayor of Fort Lee. They were caught in lies…is the “retaliation” against the Mayor another “scheme” to cover up the real reason? It has been consistently reported that “we want to know what the reason was?” Well, maybe THE reason will be revealed.

During the tenure of New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch (D) and Kelly Ayotte’s (R) tenure as Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte and Lynch covered up official corruption. The corruption and cover up extended to New Jersey, involving Fort Lee and Bergen County Prosecutor’s office. Read more and view documents HERE.

We will update this post as the trial continues.

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Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Has “Never Seen Anything So Irresponsible” As Tensions Rise Over Judicial Nominees….Really?

The Hill reports “More than four dozen judicial nominees are in limbo as President Obama’s term draws to a close.

Senate Democrats are blasting their Republican colleagues for not only blocking the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland, but also 53 other judges in the lower courts, calling their obstruction “unprecedented” and “irresponsible.”

“These are supposed to be nonpolitical positions,” Sen.  Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary, said. “I’ve been here longer than anybody else, I’ve never seen anything so irresponsible.” Read more HERE.


Senator Leahy has “never seen anything so irresponsible?”

On March 26, 2007, Due Process Defenders, delivered to Congressman John Conyers and Senator Patrick Leahy, more than 1500 pages of evidence involving criminal acts by “officers of the court” or government officials. View Due Process Defenders – Press Release

Senator Leahy complains his Republican colleagues are “not willing to follow the Constitution, they won’t do their job”?

Related: Senator Patrick Leahy (D.VT.) Assumes Position In Presidential Line Of Succession…Are You Kidding Me? Click here.

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How Snowden Escaped

EXCLUSIVE: The never-been-told story of those two pivotal weeks when the most wanted man in the world was hidden in the depths of a Hong Kong slum.

Read HERE.

Source: National Post by Theresa Tedesco

Related: SNOWDEN – Official Trailer, view HERE.

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Courtesy of Charlotte Iserbyt

The reader will find a fascinating, very early (1956) report written by Parents of New York (PONY), starting on page 206 of Written Submissions, included as part of Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education (EGRTRTE) disc set.

Click HERE and scroll down to PONY report at page 206.

“PONY-U said the report is the result of extensive research and inquiry on the part of the members of the Council on Educational Needs into the  policy of the New York State Education Department.

It is the belief of the Council that the information disclosed and the questions raised by the disclosures herein, are of the most vital importance to the welfare of all the People of the State of New York.” PONY-U reprinted this report “because it provides the background for what is happening in our schools today. (1956, ed)

Redesign is the vehicle Mr. Nyquist has mandated to bring about the intermediate school district and BOCES is the intermediate school district.

Planning, Programming and Budgeting System (PPBS) is the means for establishing State and Federal control over the school system.”

NOTE: Re Planning, Programming, Budgetting System (PPBS), be sure to view Mary Thompson presentation re PPBS, etc. at EGRTRTE conference in 2013, especially time mark: 1049-1536. Mary also refers to a dynamite statement of former Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina!. Mary’s presentation covers the history of the deliberate dumbing down, using values destruction programs, etc.

New Form of Government relates to later Community Education, and now President Obama’s Dept. of Justice Community Oriented Policing System (COPS).
Goal is institutionalization of communist form of government (regionalism) using unelected public/private partnerships. Only those with the “correct” attitudes and values will be selected to participate in new unelected/appointed form of government and education, etc.


Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing 

Mary Thompson-Created Classroom Chaos to Cyber Conditioning Disc 2, view HERE.

The New State: Group Organization, The Solution Of Popular Government (1918), click HERE.

Mainely Unspoken “Dumbing Down of Schools” with Charlotte Iserbyt, view HERE.



Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

Exposing The Global Road To Ruin Through Education-Trailer Links
3 Minute Trailer
26 Minute Trailer
Full 8 Disc YouTube Video Links
Amazon 8 Disc Set Order Link

 To order the updated abridged 2011 version of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America  click this AMAZON ORDER LINK

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Mainely Unspoken “Dumbing Down of Schools” with Charlotte Iserbyt

Courtesy of Charlotte Iserbyt

Video, view HERE.

This You Tube interview from year 2000 is, in my opinion, the most comprehensive interview I have ever done, and I’ve done hundreds of interviews over the past twenty years, some of which have had hundreds of thousands of hits.

In retrospect, I  should have just stopped doing interviews after I did this one.  That is how important I find this interview to be.    For example, interview proves how important Maine has been in education restructuring, having found in print on a1989 Common Core booklet that “Maine’s Common Core was being used in NINE FOREIGN COUNTRIES”!!!!!!
Yes, folks, 1989!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interview is a jaw dropper. In fact, and I am not kidding, I sat and listened, very depressed, with my jaw dropped for minutes at a time.

Although everything discussed in this interview is now a “done deal”, it is important that as many people as possible, including those in the UK (28 min. 31 sec), watch it as possible.

Donald Trump should watch/listen to this interview. Hillary doesn’t have to since she and Bill have been involved in the education restructuring for many,many years. Remember The Arkansas Governor’s School?

Is it any wonder the media never, never, never discusses education?

God bless America!

P.S. Please make this You Tube video go viral. Twitter, Facebook, all social media outlets.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Former Senior Policy Advisor

U.S. Department of Education

Exposing The Global Road To Ruin Through Education-Trailer Links
3 Minute Trailer
26 Minute Trailer
Full 8 Disc YouTube Video Links
Amazon 8 Disc Set Order Link

To order the updated abridged 2011 version of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America  click this AMAZON ORDER LINK

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Take a spirit break…Just had to share!

How beautiful this is!!!  Have the sound on.

Click HERE.

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State of Corruption NH – Judge rules in favor of Mike Gill and Aaron Day: Denies ‘gag order’ request

By Kimberly Morin

On Friday a Rockingham County Court Judge ruled in favor of Mike Gill and Aaron Day on a portion of the defamation lawsuit brought against them by businessmen Dick Anagnost, Andrew Crews and William Greiner. The suit was brought back in April due to signs placed on a Manchester billboard that accuse the men of either being drug dealers or extortionists.

Part of the lawsuit was to get an injunction against Gill and Day that would stop them from either posting the signs or speaking about the case or any of the men involved. Greiner’s lawsuit against Day is actually based on a Facebook comment. That’s right, a Facebook comment. Greiner has one of the biggest mouths in Bedford and regularly says nasty things about people he doesn’t like yet he is suing Day over a Facebook comment that Greiner will have to prove isn’t true.

This case will probably take years to actually get through but on Friday, the judge in the case ruled against the “gag order.” This means that neither Gill nor Day have to keep their mouths shut about the case or the men involved. And yes, Gill can continue with his signs if he so desires.

Read more HERE.


State of Corruption NH – Anti-corruption Rally in Nashua

State of Corruption Radio Broadcasts and Video archives, click HERE.


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State of Corruption NH – Anti-corruption Rally in Nashua

Anti-corruption Rally 

Sunday, August 14, 2016
Mortgage Specialists
327 Amherst Street
Nashua, N.H.
12 noon to 5:00 p.m.

Please watch this video, like, and share. The event is free. There will be free T-shirts and Pizza.

“We have having an anti-corruption rally this Sunday (8/14). I want to know your story. I want to know what happened to you so we can prevent it from happening to others.  This state is run by self-interest, not yours. They have sold us out to the corrupt and became corrupt themselves.  We have an opportunity right here and now to change things.  You want to know what you can do?  Share your story and we’ll fight back together.”
Mike Gill

View Video HERE.  (Scroll down to All Videos)


URGENT UPDATE: Talkshoe Radio With Guest Mike Gill – New Hampshire State of Corruption, click here.

Talkshoe Radio With Guest Mike Gill – New Hampshire State of Corruption, Wednesday, June 1, 2016. Click here.

Mike Gill – New Hampshire State of Corruption Fighting “The Head Of The Snake”, click here.

New Hampshire State of Corruption – Radio Broadcast Recording With Host Mike Gill – Week 22: I Won’t Back Down, click here.

New Hampshire State of Corruption – Radio Broadcast Recording With Host Mike Gill – Week 21: The Truth, nothing but The Truth, click here.

Is There More Behind New Hampshire Corruption? Click here.

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Louisiana Activists Fighting For All Of Us…And Around The World

Courtesy of Charlotte Iserbyt

Louisiana is one of, if not “the” pilot for USA and possibly the world.

The following will help to educate Americans regarding what is coming down the pike.

(1) Michael Coffman’s brilliant presentation which partially explains what you are facing in Mandeville: America’s Choice: Liberty or Sustainable Development (Part 2) – Michael Coffman.

If you don’t have time to listen to entire presentation, go to 57 min. 15 seconds where Michael defines totalitarian Smart Growth, exactly what you are facing in Mandeville and what all Americans will face if they don’t wake up:

“Smart Growth is a Hoax. Not only does Smart Growth fail every promise it makes, its application increases the misery quotient for the majority of citizens. What it does do, however, is dramatically increase the power and control of government bureaucrats over the people. They just haven’t realized it yet. It is a planned effort to make their lives more miserable.”

(2) Rosa Koire’s equally brilliant presentation, which explains very clearly the communist agenda being implemented in Mandeville, Louisiana, and worldwide: Rosa Koire – Behind the Green Mask:Un Agenda 21 Disc 4

(3) The People LLC. Please read all entries on this blog and give The People LLC your financial support.


Thank you, Louisiana, for the incredible contribution your citizens are making to rescue not only Mandeville, Louisiana, but our entire nation (every city and state) from communist Smart Cities, UN Global 2030 activities, etc.


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