Mom in Carmel NY fights back against teaching critical race theory as board tries to tone police her…Way to go, telling it like it is!


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Project BEST (Better Education Skills through Technology)

Project BEST

By John Klyczek – From UNESCO Study 11 to UNESCO 2050: Project BEST and the Forty-Year Plan to Reimagine Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

For over forty years, coalitions of academics, governments, corporations, and world governance bodies have colluded to build a global ed-tech schooling system meant to shackle children to the transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution.

I recently visited former Senior Policy Advisor to the US Office of Educational Research and Improvement, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, who gave me access to her archive of files that she collected from the US Department of Education. After digging through a collection of files collated by Lawrence P. Grayson, who was the Advisor for Mathematics, Science and Technology at America’s National Institute of Education (NIE), I discovered that the Department of Ed’s Project BEST (Basic Education Skills through Technology), which Iserbyt leaked in 1981, was actually the USA’s domestic version of an international technology initiative spearheaded by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  Read more HERE.

John Klyczek’s recent book entitled
School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education

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Has DeSantis Gotten The Best Of Christie On The Great Mask Debate?

DeSantis may’ve gotten best of Christie on the great mask debate

“Chris Christie believes that Bridgegate ended his 2016 presidential aspirations and there’s truth to that, but the more complete answer is that the bridge scandal confirmed ugly stereotypes about politicians from New Jersey.”


Of equal, or greater than, importance is Chris Christie’s involvement in Bridgegate.

New Jersey “Bridgegate” Trial

There Is More Behind Governor Chris Christie And The Bridgegate Scandal!

N.J. Governor Christie Thinks There’s More To Bridgegate

We’ve kept an eye on this case. The time frame of events, e-mails, etc. coincide with requests, e-mails for an investigation into Bergen County and Fort Lee, N.J. New Jersey officials’ original claim for the lane closures was due to a “traffic study” which later revealed there was no such study. Bill Baroni’s Bridgegate testimony: the traffic study story begins to fall apart. The current claim is many suspect this scheme was an act of political retaliation against the Mayor of Fort Lee. They were caught in lies…is the “retaliation” against the Mayor another “scheme” to cover up the real reason? It has been consistently reported that “we want to know what the reason was?” Well, maybe THE reason will be revealed.

During the tenure of New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch (D) and Kelly Ayotte’s (R) tenure as Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte and Lynch covered up official corruption. The corruption and cover up extended to New Jersey, involving Fort Lee and Bergen County Prosecutor’s office. Read more and view documents HERE.

Yes, “the more complete answer is that the bridge scandal confirmed ugly stereotypes about politicians from New Jersey” and Chris Christie MUST be held accountable!

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Retaliations Continue In Maine

Update 5.30.21

Shawn McBreairty, who has clashed with school officials for the last year, has permission to be at his daughters’ high school graduation under the terms of a criminal trespass order.

“A father can’t attend his twins graduation because he criticized school board in Maine.”

“A father is barred from attending his twin daughters graduation because he was critical of the school board. This is yet another example of retaliation in Maine that seems to be at all levels of State and local governments.”


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Jeff Rense Interview With Charlotte Iserbyt – Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 9 p.m. EST

Listen HERE.

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Global Internet Under SQL Injection Attack. Internet Outages continue in the US.

Watch HERE

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Charlotte Iserbyt: Bribes Used to Convince People to Get Vaccine

This sort of tactic (a system of rewards to change behavior) is the subject of my 1985 booklet (30 pages) Back to Basics Reform or OBE Skinnerian International Curriculum?

Believe it or not, this little book was effectively boycotted — not just by the left — but more so by the right (neoconservatives).

Both left and right are involved in installing the corporate/fascist/socialist/communist partnership initiated under President Reagan in 1981. This partnership is effectively transforming the nation’s schools from academic learning to communist workforce training and behavior modification, and, believe it or not, this system will be lifelong, as stated on the letterhead of the National Alliance of Business in the late nineties.

Not so hard to believe (when you look at those involved) is fact the corporate (so-called private) sector is leading the destruction of our formerly capitalist economic system. Read more HERE

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FauciCOVID-19 Dossier

View HERE.

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LIVE – President Biden Meets Virtually with a Bipartisan Group of Governors


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Maine Governor Janet Mills To Participate In White House Forum On Vaccination Strategies

PPH reports “Maine’s governor will join 5 others Tuesday in the virtual discussion hosted by the Biden administration.

Gov. Janet Mills will join five other governors Tuesday for a virtual discussion hosted by the White House on innovative ways to encourage people to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Maine’s Democratic governor will join fellow Democrats Tim Walz of Minnesota and Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico, and Republicans Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Mike DeWine of Ohio and Spencer Cox of Utah, her office announced.

The discussion will be held at 1 p.m. and will be streamed live by the White House.”

Mills states “Maine is making nation-leading progress in getting shots into arms, a testament to the willingness of Maine people to do their part and to the teamwork of state government professionals and our health care providers and volunteers.

“But there is more work to do to get this pandemic behind us, which is why we are doubling down on efforts to expand access to the vaccine, to get into hard-to-reach communities, and to deliver shots into arms.” Read more HERE.

Are you one of the Mainers willing to get your “shot in the arm?”

Related: Maine doctors to host forum on COVID-19 vaccines – The virtual event will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday and is open to anyone who has questions or concerns. Those interested in participating can register online.

There are some interesting questions that could be asked of this panel……….

Are Health Care Clinics A “Backdoor” For Covid Vaccines? Why must seniors sign and accept their EXTREMELY INVASIVE and unconstitutional Agreement?

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